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'Golden Sisters' bicker, bet over gambling problem

Mary Bartnicki, Josie Cavaluzzi and Terry Dahlquist, the senior sisters who gained Internet fame by watching -- and, of course, reacting -- to Kim Kardashian's sex tape, are hitting the road. In the next episode on their new show "Golden Sisters," the gals take a trip to Sin City.

In a sneak peek exclusive to TODAY.com, the ride to Las Vegas plays out like so many family road trips, packed with sibling bickering.

"I think you have a gambling problem!" Terry tells Mary before they've even reached their casino-filled destination.

"Terry stop it! I'm been gambling since I was 15," Mary shoots back with a not-so-effective rebuttal.

But no worries -- Mary has someone else on her side. Sister Josie supports her, and she's even willing to put money on it.

"I'll bet you Mary does not have a gambling problem," she says to Terry.

It's a bet Terry can't resist, and the twins seal it with a pinky promise.

"These two geniuses are making a bet that I have a gambling problem," Mary said. "They're the idiots gambling -- not me."

See how the vacation plays out for the saucy sisters when "Golden Sisters" airs Wednesday at 10p.m. on OWN.