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Golden moments backstage at the Globes

Access Hollywood's Billy Bush reflects on the evening's highlights
/ Source: Access Hollywood

You know the winners and losers of Monday night's Golden Globes, so let's get straight to the backstage mix and mingle.

Bill Macy refers to the "boobular activity" going on with his wife's dress.

I love that. We were having a relaxed moment after Felicity's big win for Best Actress in a Film - Drama, and I commented on his wife's dress ... I found it Cleopatran and sexy, kind of like a Princess' bed sheet ... he fired back with that ... "boobular activity"!! Had I said that to him, I would be eating meat through a straw in my hospital bed. But, I love their love. If those two ever broke up I'd be crushed, because they seem like true soul mates and marriage needs to win.

Backstage in our One-on-One room, we had a karaoke machine discreetly connected to our video screens. In planning our approach to the Globes, it seemed like an original idea that would lend itself to classic moments of fun and chaos. Two-thirds the way through, the only guy we could coax onto the mic was Jonathan Rhys Meyers, a fun and affable Irishman who was ready to party. He was great but not enough to carry the theme.

Now to the moral of the story: trust your instincts. When the rest of the Housewives crashed in on our Felicity Huffman interview, it got wild and I knew this was the time. I stood up and delivered (what i thought to be) a stirring tribute to women who had enjoyed success more than once (Teri thought I said "sex", not success ... oy). Without further hesitation, we handed microphones to the ladies, and started rolling Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive," and you know there is not a woman alive who can hear that song and not belt it out. Another classic moment only we could pull off.

Another classic moment only we could pull off was checking in on Hugh Jackman, the babysitter. Sure enough when I asked Dominic Purcell of Fox's nominated "Prison Break" who was home babysitting his children, he told me it was Hughie. I said 'Hughie who?' ... Jackman it turns out. So at the end of the night, when our last backstage interview was through, i bumped into Dominic and his wife Becky. I convinced them we should check in on the children ... and the babysitter, too.

It was 9:30 p.m., not too late, and wouldn't you know it, the babysitter was sound asleep. Hugh's wife woke him up upon Dominic's request and it was a riot. Hugh said he took the children to a pub and that's why they're all whooped. I asked him how much an hour he was getting paid. $500. Wow, not bad. Finally, Dominic threatened that his kid better not be singing Peter Allen show tunes by the time he returned home. ... Very funny moment that only we could pull off.

On a more serious note, I wasn't sure if I should ask Hilary Swank about her split with Chad Lowe, thinking she might be a little gun-shy, and I confess to having a true respect for her. But I did in a sensitive, concerned way.

If you've ever read this blog, you know how I feel about my wife and the institution of marriage, so I approached it that way. I asked her if she'd exhaust every effort before giving up. She will. I noticed she still had her ring on. She said, "I'm still married to Chad."

Hollywood people are not my life, and they do not serve as a metaphor for any other human being alive, embroiled in their own inner turmoil. But Hilary Swank is what you see. She is one we can all be concerned for and not look lame because of it. I'll add her to my prayer list.

Back to the Love. Bill Macy and his wife the Big Winner left our backstage room and proceeded to dance the night away at the InStyle party. A friend of one of my co-workers was there and could not resist snapping some shots.

Look at those two: He is her 'North Star' and 'haven' ... She is the light in his life ... "Boobular activity" included I imagine.