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'Godzilla' roars back in first trailer for monster reboot

Wide-eyed, heavy-breathing, open-mouthed humans steal most of the show in the new trailer for "Godzilla," the latest take on the classic monster movie which stomps into theaters next summer.

The unbeatable beast does make a brief appearance at the end of the nearly 2 1/2-minute teaser, letting out his trademark roar while dusting off in the rubble of a fallen American city.

The trailer opens with David Strathairn's military commander prepping a squad of paratroopers — "Now I realize not all of you have had hands-on experience. But frankly, none of us have faced a situation quite like this one before." The troops leap, and as they dive through storm clouds and smoke we see them falling toward what looks like San Francisco on fire.

That intense buildup cuts to a near-silent shot from behind, of Bryan Cranston running, and then splices together other footage of citizens (Elizabeth Olsen) and soldiers reacting to being under attack by Godzilla. We see a smooshed train and a skyscraper with a hole in it to remind us that something very big and tall is wreaking havoc.

And then, in a dusty silhouette at the tail end, we get to glimpse the spiked spine of the star. Shaking off what could be a military strike of some sort, Godzilla turns for the camera and howls that iconic howl, as if to say, "You really haven't figured out how to kill me yet?"

Directed by Gareth Edwards, "Godzilla" is set to open in theaters May 16, 2014.