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Gloria Estefan and family on the need to showcase Latino relationships on new show

Three generations of Estefan women get set to have some pretty candid conversations on a new "Red Table Talk" series.
/ Source: TODAY

The Estefan family is getting set to take the spotlight.

Grammy-winning singer Gloria Estefan is teaming up with niece Lili Estefan and daughter Emily Estefan for their own take on Jada Pinkett-Smith’s show, “Red Table Talk,” in which they will tackle a wide range of issues.

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Gloria, 63, says their Hispanic background will give the show its own unique flavor.

“Culturally, obviously, we’re bringing a different sabor, or taste, to the table,” she told the 3rd hour of TODAY on Tuesday.

“We have different life experiences than the Smiths, which are fantastic and (in) this groundbreaking, innovative show we hope to do a justice in our own special way. We have a beautiful family relationship, so hopefully that’ll come through and you can join our family through the show.”

Lili, 53, a model who’s won a daytime talent in Spanish Emmy Award and hosts “El Gordo y la Flaca” on Univision, said a show with a trio of Hispanic women will help others address topics that may not get discussed the way they should.

“It’s important because we have a voice,” she said. “We’re three different generations. We’re three different women, but I think it’s very important as a family to urge other families to bring these topics to the table.”

She added that some subjects affecting their family are often left unspoken, even though they spend so much time together.

“We know that there is important topics going on in the family and no one takes the time to sit down and talk about it,” she said.

Emily, 25, who’s following in her mother’s footsteps as a musician, said being so open on this platform comes with risks.

“I feel like we need to bring more truth, more honesty to a place like social media because there are ups and downs and a lot of times there’s falseness intertwined there,” she said.

Gloria says they may open up in the same way the original “Red Table Talk” does, noting that there are just some topics Latinos don’t discuss.

“I don’t think that everyone should have to rake their entire private life through the coals unnecessarily, if you don’t need to, but we absolutely share very, very honest conversation about things that normally aren’t talked about a lot in all the families, but particularly Latino households because there are certain topics that, especially generationally, they don’t let us talk about,” she said.

“Like, my mom didn’t even kiss my dad until they were married by the church. My grandmother wouldn’t let her go in the car alone with him after they had already signed the papers because she wasn’t married by the church. So, those things are going to tend to have an effect on how they talk to us and, in effect, it will affect how we talk to our kids because sometimes we go way in the other direction.”

The Estefans' take on "Red Table Talk" premieres Thursday on Facebook Watch.