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'Glee's' Warblers break out with a capella album

They’re the stiffest competition New Directions has ever faced, and now “Glee’s” other group worth cheering for, The Warblers, even have an album of their own.

The 13-track release, “Glee: The Music Presents the Warblers,” out today, features performances that have yet to air as well as tunes Gleeks know well, such as "Teenage Dream," the Katy Perry cover that made for the show’s first number one hit.

Before performing Train's "Hey Soul Sister" on TODAY Tuesday morning, breakout star Darren Criss, aka The Warblers’ frontman Blaine, told host Matt Lauer that he believes he figured out the secret to the Dalton Academy gang’s success.

“I think it’s the blazers,” he joked.

Well, that may have been a joke. But those blazers do look snappy.


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