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Glee Stars Dish on What's Ahead: "Shocking Episodes" and...Julie Andrews?

The hills are alive with the sound of...Glee scoop!
/ Source: E!online

The hills are alive with the sound of...Glee scoop!

We caught up with the stars of Glee at last night's GQ Men of the Year Awards, and heard all about what Gwyneth left behind for the cast, plus a few juicy morsels on what's ahead...

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First things first. Chris Colfer has entrusted us with the ber-important task of launching his campaign to bring his all-time idol Julie Andrews on the show.

"I am now heavily campaigning to get Julie Andrews to play my grandmother on the show," Chris told us. "So if you know anyone who knows Julie, give 'em a buzz. I think she likes the show, so we'll see!"

Julie, you listening? Give Ryan Murphy a call.

And let the guessing begin! Jayma Mays gave out a big ol' whopper of a potential spoiler, when she teased this for her Gleetastic alter ego, Emma Pillsbury: "There's definitely going to be some shocking episodes soon for my character. Shocking."

More shocking than her risqu turn with "Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me" in the Rocky Horror ep? Well then, the mind truly does boggle! What kind of surprising naughtiness could sweet little Emma have up her perfectly pressed sleeves?

Jayma also held nothing back when talking about this week's guest-star extraordinaire (I know, I'm getting sick of me praising her too ), Gwyneth Paltrow. Which makes sense given that Gwynnie's character Holly is a potential romantic rival.

"If [Ryan Murphy] brings Gwyneth back, that means she has an interest in Will, and I don't know that Emma would like that so much. I like Gwyneth, but I dunno if I like the character on the show."

I like Jayma.

And no surprise here, but the cast couldn't stop talking about their big fancy-pants movie- star guest, and how they all totally fell for her.

"Who doesn't [have a crush on Gwyneth]?" Chord Overstreet (Sam) mused. "She's drop-dead gorgeous, awesome. I didn't even know she could sing like that. She was just awesome to work with and she left everybody personal gifts in their trailer and personal notes--just sweet."

The gifts were "the cutest little handsets for our cell phones, like an old-fashioned phone," Chris reveals. "And a personal note that is framed now, I'm not gonna lie." Atta boy.

Corey Monteith also is feeling the G.P. love, and said the episode surpassed his high expectations. "I was so excited to see the "Singing in the Rain"/"Umbrella" mashup--and it was awesome! Just the water effects and the rain and water flying everywhere."

Speaking of hot mashups: We also confirmed that the cast will perform Michael Jackson's "Thriller" in Glee's upcoming post-Super Bowl episode--as a mashup with another song that hasn't yet been confirmed.

Oh, and ladies, in case you're curious, Chord confirmed to us he's officially on the market, saying, "In real life I'm single. Always." Poor pookie. Maybe now that he's on Glee some gentle-hearted female out there might give him a chance?

Last thing: You saw our exclusive scoop that Harry Shum Jr. is going to become a regular, right?