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'Glee' kids get 'Fashion'-able with new music video

Norman Jean Roy / VOGUE / Today

While "Glee: The 3D Concert Movie" may have taken some knocks at the box office over the weekend, the stars of "Glee" can take comfort in this: Not only are they some of the hottest, most fashion-forward TV stars out there, but they are the spokespersons for 2011's Fashion's Night Out.

The yearly event, which celebrates and encourages consumers to go late-night shopping and enjoy fashion of all stripes (and solids and prints), begins on Sept. 8 this year.

The "Glee" kids are taking their spokesperson role with a little glee of their own, since it landed the cast a big spread in Vogue, the creator and co-sponsor of FNO. The new issue is out Aug. 23, the same day Vogue.com will debut a music video cover of David Bowie's "Fashion" sung by Lea Michele. And the cast has made a PSA TV spot to promote FNO, which will start airing on Aug. 24.

Yet for all the hoopla about their fashion sense, it's not like the "Glee" stars have always been at the top of the clotheshorse pecking order. As Chris Colfer notes in the upcoming issue of Vogue, "In no way was I a fashion person! I did all my shopping at my small-­town Target. Maybe if I dressed better I wouldn’t have had such a hard time in school. Now, as Kurt, I get to wear all these amazing things, by people whose names I can’t even pronounce."

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