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Glee-Dux: They Just Want Somebody to Love! Who's Got Bieber Fever? And What's Coming Up?

Thank you, Glee. And thank you, Justin Bieber. "Baby" will be stuck in our head for days.
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Thank you, Glee. And thank you, Justin Bieber. "Baby" will be stuck in our head for days.

Luckily, we have a plan that will maybe definitely work to get rid of that earworm. We're going to go over the events of the episode, and maybe take a look-see at what's coming up for next week. Slide those leg warmers on your arms and give it a try:

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The Biebs Is Powerful: He may not win Grammys, but the floppy-haired wunderkind sure is powerful. And his power reaches to all corners of the globe, including McKinley High. After Sam's performance of "Baby," Quinn was smiling, Santana was fanning herself, Sue was desperate to get "that girl" on the Cheerios, the guys wanted in on the boy band, and Finn just looked pissed. Even Lauren was getting all hot and bothered during "Somebody to Love." Chalk never looked so sexy.

Mr. Schue Is a Teacher: Nice to see you in your Spanish class again, Shuester. We almost forgot you were anything but a dude moving plot points along. But nay! You and Emma teamed up to put Sue back together, and you even got all action-hero on us and busted down a door.

Hey! There's Emma! We missed you, Jayma Mays. And not only are you back on our TV screen, but you brought pamphlets for the occasion. This time, it was called: "I'm too depressed to open this pamphlet."

Sue's Back: The journal entries, the odd back stories (tambourine player for Wilson Phillips?), and the lust to destroy Glee club...all classic Sylvester. We'd hug her in happy reunion joy if we weren't afraid she'd stab us in the back. But now that she's the coach of the glee club with the best name ever (Aural Intensity), we'll hopefully be seeing lots more Will and Sue showdowns. Bring on the hair jokes!

Rachel's Back: I said in the last Glee-Dux that crazy season one Rachel has returned, and we're happy to see the comeback (see what I did there?) has continued in this episode. The crazy, fame-hungry, scheming Rachel was back full force, and that diva-off was killer. We do love to hear you wail, Mercedes. Know that. And in case you missed it, here is Rachel's to-do list from her locker:

Celine Dion's birthday Friend request Barbra Streisand again Ann-Margaret in concert Avatar on Ice audtion (my favorite)

Sam and Quinn = Dunzo: We love Sam for dropping Quinn after she cheated and staying strong when she tried to woo him back with those big "but I'm beautiful" eyes. We do not love him so much for running to Santana. Then again, maybe he'll make her less bitchy, and maybe she'll make him less dumb. Weirder things have happened. Since Finn is being a jerk and Quinn is being a beyotch, maybe they do derserve each other until they get their attractive heads on straight.

Stage Fright Can Be Fun: Even though the name sounds scary, stage fright can also lead to situations with half-naked people. And that's kind of awesome. Thanks for having stage fright, Lauren. That little trick taught us that Finn wears Power Rangers shirts to bed, and the ice around my heart melted just a bit when Puck mouthed Lauren that little bit of encouragement at the start of her solo. Can't hate those two.

Finchel Fans Get a Bone: Not exactly the "running toward each other in a field of flowers" scene that Finchel fans wanted, but the QB making sure Rachel knew he was behind her original music idea was awfully sweet. And this line? "I really liked the Rachel I saw in there today." We were thinking the same thing!

We're Getting Pumped for Regionals: After the "Sing" number, we're getting all geared up for the big Regionals episode. I'm voting for "Spice up Your Life" for their competition anthem, but I don't think Ryan Murphy is getting my letters. Also, can Puck always have his hair Bieber-ized? Don't worry, I'll add that to my next letter.


"No one ever told me how to read a calendar." --Brittany"Who's more rock 'n' roll than Justin Bieber? No one." --Sam"I agree with Sponge Bob Square Chin. It's a stupid idea!" --Sue"That haircut makes your mouth look even bigger." --Puck"Sweet Jesus, who bought tickets to crazy town?" --Mercedes"I know you're as dumb as a bag of wet hair..." --Santana


Errbody in the Club Getting Tipsy: Raise a glass, everybody, because the Glee kids are getting crunk. And by crunk, I mean drunk. All that after Principal Figgins tries to teach the student body that underage drinking is bad. You hear that, underage Glee fans? We know Finchel still being broken up is upsetting, but put down the wine coolers.

Then again, Kurt-Blaine fans might want to turn to drinking after seeing Rachel and Blaine lock lips in next week's promo. And judging by the look of that kiss, this might be the episode where Blaine starts to "question whether bisexuality is real."

Brittany Channels Ke$ha: Because the party don't start til they walk in, the Glee club will be dropping a Ke-dollar sign-ha tune, with Brittany leading the vocals. We also hear that they'll be lots of vomiting. Seriously.

Shock and Awww: Since this will be final February sweeps episode of Glee, we can count on at least one shocking event taking place. And if I was a betting woman (and I am), I'd bet on it have something to do with Finn and Rachel.

Country Strong: A big country-themed number next episode (that is rumored to be a Taylor Swift song) means the gals of Glee will be pulling up some Daisy Dukes and the boys will be throwing on some boots! Maybe we'll get some line dancing! Then again...Finn memorizing complicated turns and kicks? Yikes.

Did you love tonight's episode? Loathe it? Somewhere in between? Head on down to the comments and let your voice be heard!

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