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Glee-Dux: A Supersize Return Brings the Fire, and We Bring Scoop on the Road Ahead

What a marvelous day! It's Sunday, and we got a Glee episode! We hope they do this every Sunday!
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What a marvelous day! It's Sunday, and we got a Glee episode! We hope they do this every Sunday!

What's that? Super what? There was a football game on today? No kidding. Well, this is the first we're hearing about it. We were too busy watching old Glee episodes on our DVR so we would be all caught up for tonight's supersize episode. Speaking of getting caught up...

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Not So Dumb, Those Glee Writers: We can just imagine the Glee writing staff sitting around the writers' room thinking, 'How can we rope football fans into watching this episode?' And the ideas for that predicament formed the opening scene: hot cheerleaders, sexy dance moves, fire, bikes and megaphone bras that shoot sparks. Well done, writers.

Oh Yeah, Sports: Until this episode, we could've easily forgotten that the guys play football. But we like the setup that led to the jocks having to sit in on a glee club practice. And while we loved the "Need You Now" number, it wouldn't be our first choice to wow the jock doubters. You know who really dug the number? Coach Beiste. Did you catch her mouthing the words to the song?

Puck Should Do Glee Recaps: In case you were confused as to why Puck and Finn are at odds, Mr. Mohawk is here to sum it all up: "I got your girlfriend pregnant and made out with your other girlfriend." Thanks, Puck. And that's what you missed on...

Puck Hearts Rachel, and Quinn Hearts Finn: Puck seemed a little googly-eyed at Rachel during "Need You Now," and Finn coming to the defense of Quinn was a sweet little moment. And then there was that kiss at the end of the episode. But wait, didn't Quinn look kind of smitten when Puck was on that guitar? And she's dating Sam. Hold on, maybe it should be:

Quinn Hearts Puck, and Sam Hearts Quinn: Sam got into a fight when Finn was all up in his girl's grill, even though the head Cheerio seems to want her some Puck. Figure it out, you high school kids! Just kidding, keep this drama coming. Makes for some great angsty performances.

McKinley Has a Hockey Team: We knew about football, basketball and competitive cheerleading, but apparently McKinley High also has a team of mulleted hockey jocks! Could this pave the way for a musical number on ice? Please say yes, Ryan Murphy. Think about it: Mike Chang and Brittany drop some sweet moves on ice skates while Rachel belts out a show tune. Awesome.

Episode Pitch: We'd like to see a future installment of Glee where Sue goes on a rampage in every single room of the high school. The quick cut from the principal office destruction to Sue going all crazy-town on those medicine balls in the football office was brilliant. And we could watch that for an entire episode. With maybe a Ke$ha number thrown in there somewhere.

Real Girls Play Football: In case you missed it, when you rewatch be sure to check out Rachel's excited expression when the girls first march onto the field. She is nothing if not enthusiastic. And it makes us laugh every time.

The Warblers Are Ready for Regionals: Yes, it seemed like the "Bills, Bills, Bills" number was just thrown in there for Darren Criss' sake, but we never mind a little Blaine in our Glee episodes. He continues to own our hearts with his crooning ways. Also, we love that Mercedes, Blaine, Kurt and Rachel hang out together. Why don't they ever call us for coffee dates?

Sue Tidbits: She doesn't mind dropping Black Eyed Peas lyrics. She's 31 years young. She watches cartoons. And she brings her binders into the bathroom with her. None of that shocks us even a little bit. And in case you were wondering, this is who Sue beat out for Loser of the Year: The economy, Mel Gibson, the housing market, Dina Lohan, Wall Street, Tiger Woods, the Dallas Cowboys, Brett Favre's cell phone, nine percent unemployment rate and Sparky Lohan (Dina Lohan's dog, and also a loser).


Happy Valentine's Day: McKinley High's hallways will be buzzing with love, and one couple's status will take quite the emotional turn. Before you get your hopes up Finchel fans, it's not Ms. Berry and Mr. Hudson we're talking about. We also promise that fan bases for two couples will explode. One will explode with happiness. The other will explode with...unhappiness. And all those tangled webs weaved with Finn, Rachel, Puck, Quinn and Sam in this episode? It gets messier, thanks to a little help from known mischief maker Santana.

A New Direction for Sue: Since Jane Lynch told us that Sue will be spiraling into a vortex o' depression following the Super Bowl episode, she'll be turning to song and dance to lift her spirits. And correct us if we're wrong, but isn't there a group of the musical persuasion at McKinley High? Enjoy Sue's New Directions membership while you can, because it's not going to last as long as we'd hoped.

Anne Hathaway? We're anxious for any more details on Anne's guest spot, but not even the stars of the show know the deal with her. But at least one dude is pushing for a scene with her. "I would love to be able to work with her. She's awesome," Chord Overstreet tells us. "We haven't gotten the script that she's in yet, but hopefully we'll get it soon." Ditto. Because when you get it, you tell us, and we tell our readers. Capiche?

Emma Continues to Be MIA: Sorry Wemma fans, but your girl Emma Pillsbury is going to be gone for at least a little bit longer. Don't worry, she'll be back in a big way.

Welcome back, Gleeks! Let's all celebrate Glee's return by scrolling down and having a total comment fest. See you there, after you replay the "Thriller/Heads Will Roll" mashup again. Take your time. We'll wait.

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