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Glee-Dux: Do You Believe in True Bromance?

Stop manipulating our feelings, Glee! These emotional switcheroos are brutal. This Kurt-centric episode was ending in the most positive way, when all of the sudden, wham! Sucker punch!
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Stop manipulating our feelings, Glee!

These emotional switcheroos are brutal. This Kurt-centric episode was ending in the most positive way, when all of the sudden, wham! Sucker punch!

We're discussing the highs and lows of tonight's "Furt" installment, so join us for some tears and commiseration below, won't you?

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Teenage Terrorism: Since (the original/best/only) Buffy is in the news of late, it's worth noting that Sunnydale's demons of high school haven't been vanquished from the world yet. Is there anything scarier than overgrown children in newly formed adult bodies fighting each other for status, space and a sense of self? Karofsky's (Max Adler) abuse of Kurt (Chris Colfer) is truly terrifying--the violence in Karofsky's eyes and heart cannot be mistaken. We hate that we're losing Kurt to Dalton Academy, but hey, bring on the balm of self-respecting Blaine, please! We need all a little Darren Criss-mas now, don't you think?

Hello, Carol! If America named their grand ladies Dames, the way Britain does, Carol Burnett would surely have a title by now, don't you think? We got a peek into what makes Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) tick--and further explanation of Sue's protectiveness over her sister--when their nutty Nazi-hunting mother arrived to celebrate Sue's "I-pick-me!" wedding ceremony (Beverly Hills, 90210's Kelly Taylor would be proud). Did you like Mama Sylvester? Did you love or did you love Sue's blue tracksuit wedding gown?

Wait, What? Did anyone find it a bit disconcerting to observe Principal Sylvester's sudden moral leadership in this episode? Where did that come from? Isn't she usually the biggest bully of all, slamming kids into lockers and calling them all kinds of names? It was great to see Sue use her powers for good, it was just a little bit out of character, even with the convenient mom-was-a-bully-first explanation.

Adorable! The whole Carol-and-Burt wedding was made of win from beginning to end, with the processional that seemed to acknowledge Jill-and-Kevin's legendary "Forever" wedding clip from YouTube to the montage of happy glee kids being happy to Mr. Schuester's (Matthew Morrison) marimba crooning to Finn's (Cory Monteith) best man toast promising to love, honor and cherish his new brother forever. Kurt and Finn have reinvigorated the meaning of the word bromance, and we love them for it! Oh, and while we're loving on stuff, extra XOXOs go to Artie (Kevin McHale), Sam (Chord Overstreet) and Mike Chang (Harry Shum Jr.) for standing up for Kurt in the locker room.

We Can See You: This episode continued this season's trend of cutely acknowledging the very active Glee online fandom. First Santana (Naya Rivera) called Finn "Frankenteen," which is, of course, Cory Monteith's Twitter name in real life, and then Finn explained how pairing nicknames work (he and Rachel are "Finnchel," Rachel and Puck were "Puckleberry"), before bestowing upon himself and Kurt the clumsy but charming sobriquet of "Furt."

Notable Quotables

"Russet and cognac...Those are colors, Finn. Fall wedding colors." --Kurt "We're going to go to the hotel where they put up the guest stars on Lost." --Burt, citing the height of possible Hawaiian luxury, in an episode that probably not so coincidentally featured Lost's Daniel Roebuck (aka Arzt) as Karofsky's confused father "By the power vested in me by a website..." --Sue Sylvester


Next week is Sectionals! The gang will be competing against the Dalton Warblers, fronted by Darren Criss' Blaine and backed by the Tufts University Beezlebubs, with an apparent assist from our dear departed Kurt (sob). Meanwhile, a certain familiar recurring character will be filling Kurt's empty spot in the New Directions song arrangements. Any guesses as to who fills in for him?

What did you think of the "Furt" episode of Glee? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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