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Glee Couples Status Report! What's the Future for Your Favorites?

"Is there hope for Wemma?! What about Quick?!" Our Twitter feeds have been flooded with fans asking about Glee romances.
/ Source: E!online

"Is there hope for Wemma?! What about Quick?!" Our Twitter feeds have been flooded with fans asking about Glee romances.

Don't worry, we heard you loud and clear, and went straight to the stars for the answers. Read on for the latest news on Glee's power couples--and new favorites Kurt and Blaine. Plus, who will spend Valentine's Day in...slow motion?

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We cornered the men of Glee (that's the kind of sacrifice we are willing to make for you fans) yesterday at the TCA press tour to get the goods on their television love lives, and they didn't hold back. For starters, Mr. Schue is pretty darn sick of feeling jealous over Carl (John Stamos), and now it's Emma's turn!

"Carl hasn't been back yet, but you know Gwyneth Paltrow is coming back and I think her and I are going to get a little loving going on," Matthew Morrison tells us. "So it'll be my chance to show Emma up a little bit. Make her a little jealous because she's been making me really jealous lately." Understandable. Stamos is kind of a dreamboat.

Remember when Quinn and Puck had a kid? Mark Salling does, and he thinks there still might be a chance for those two crazy kids to get together. "I wouldn't rule anything out," he says. "We don't know what going on until the week before when we get the script, so who knows?" We're sure Quick fans will hold onto that little string of hope like a lifeline, right?

And now, ladies and gentlemen, your teenage dream Darren Criss has a message for those desperate for Blaine and Kurt to get together. "There's going to be some fun things. Every day Chris (Colfer) and I are both equally curious to see what's going to happen between the two of those guys," he spills to us. "We're definitely going to start seeing some layers to the two of them. The pink elephant in the room will finally be addressed, let's put it that way."

Speaking of pink, Glee has a Valentine's Day episode coming up! Kevin McHale is especially anxious for fans to see that one. "[Artie] is with Brittany [Heather Morris], and it's a very fun and cute episode," he tells us. "We get to do a lot of fun numbers. This number I get to do, I can't say [what it is] but I'm very, very excited to do it. There's slow motion! I love slow motion."

We wonder what the already slow Brittany is like in slow motion...does she just stand still? These are the important questions, Glee fans.

What do you think of the status of the love lives at McKinley High? Looking forward to some Emma jealousy? You know where to go to squee!

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