Giuliana Rancic: 'I would have five' kids if I could

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By Ree Hines

On the season six finale of "Giuliana & Bill," the Rancics asked their surrogate if she'd be willing to carry another baby for them, and since then, fans of the always-open duo have wondered what the woman's answer would be. The couple stopped by TODAY Wednesday to address — but not quite answer — that question.

"The very first scene of the new season is her responding to us and letting us know whether or not she'll carry (another) baby," Giuliana teased. "You know we'd love to tell you guys. We tell you everything!"

Indeed. The Rancics have long shared their ups and downs with both their reality TV audience and with TODAY. And while they remained tight-lipped about the surrogate's answer this time, they were very open about baby talk in general.

"I think, obviously having Duke changed our lives," Bill said of their 19-month-old son. "It was the one thing that we've done that affected every decision that we made from that point on. So, you know, I'm not in a hurry to have baby No. 2 ..."

"You're not?" Giuliana interrupted. "That's news to me, Rancic!"

Bill may be content to wait for No. 2, but it's clear his wife doesn't want to wait — or even stop there.

"I would love to have another," she said. "I realize we struggled so hard to have baby Duke ... so, I really realize what a blessing it is. I would have five if I could. I don't know if that's in the cards for me."

Bill gave it some thought, but rather than imagining five bundles of joy, he thought of five big bills.

"That's a lot of tuition," he said.

As for the reality show, as Duke grows up — and as any future siblings come along — don't expect it to go on.

"I don't know if we'll continue to do it," Giuliana admitted.

"Probably not," according to Bill. "(Duke's) not going to be raised a Hollywood kid. That's just not in the cards."

But as long as he's little, fans can still see what baby Duke and his folks are up to on their show.

The new season of "Giuliana & Bill" kicks off on E! April 1 at 8 p.m.