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'Gilmore Girls' star imagines how Luke and Lorelai's love story — and lives — end

The man behind Luke, actor Scott Patterson, believes he knows what the future holds for the couple.
/ Source: TODAY

When the "Gilmore Girls" revival, "A Year in the Life," came out in 2016, fans finally found out what the future held for Lorelai and her longtime love, Luke.

Their romance endured, of course, and after over a decade of dating and cohabitating, the pair said their "I dos" in the gazebo right in the heart of Stars Hollow.

But what about the rest of their future?

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The man behind Luke, actor Scott Patterson, believes he knows the answer to that question.

“I think we will obviously be together," he recently told Us Weekly.

And he means forever.

"These two — we’re going to end up in our 90s — and I hate to sound morbid but it’s going to be one of those things where we are so connected that once (I die) then she is going to pass one minute later. It’s going to be the ultimate romantic ending for us. And I hate to even put that out there because I think these two are so eternal and so universal.”

But he imagines a lot more than that before they share that "Notebook"-worthy ending.

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According to Patterson, Luke still has a lot of work ahead of him.

“In 10 years, I really think he is still going to be running that diner," he said. "He may have a couple of other franchises at that point and be a big time CEO. I think he will still be doing the same thing because that’s Luke; he’s got to pay the bills."

Especially with a kid to support — and we're not talking about Rory (or her bundle of joy).

"I think that they are going to have a child, I do," he assured. "I always thought they would.”

As for whether or not fans will ever see that — or any other — future for the couple play out on the small screen, that remains a mystery. While Netflix has hinted that the streaming network would welcome another revival visit to Stars Hollow, the stars and the show's creators have yet to commit.