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'Gilmore Girls' fans have best time ever as coffee shops re-create Luke's Diner

As our heroine Lorelai Gilmore once said, "This is a jumbo coffee morning. I need coffee in an IV."
/ Source: TODAY

As our heroine Lorelai Gilmore once said, "This is a jumbo coffee morning. I need coffee in an IV."

Java was arguably the third star of "Gilmore Girls," and fans across the U.S. celebrated the series' 16th anniversary Wednesday by drinking a cup along with Lorelai and Rory's favorite flannel-clad barista, Luke.

Or, at least, a cardboard cutout of Luke.

It was almost like being at a giant breakfast table with the fast-talking mother-daughter duo themselves.

In fact, "Gilmore" enthusiasts who made their way to Comoncy Cafe in Beverly Hills, California, were treated to an appearance by actor Scott Patterson, who played Lorelai's on-and-off love interest for seven seasons. Fortunately, Netflix — which presented the event in honor of its upcoming revival, "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" — posted evidence.

Patterson gamely posed alongside his one-dimensional doppelganger.

More than 200 coffee shops got into the action, and patrons weren't shy about sharing all the fun they were having.

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Some went for a photo-op with the mock Luke's sign that graced each cafe's entrance.

Others buzzed about the "Gilmore" sayings printed on their cups.

And some opted to document rules that would make the gruff diner owner proud (while clearly failing to obey said rules).

Parents even dressed up their little ones as mini Lukes.

But alas, the joyous occasion couldn't last forever.

For "Gilmore" lovers not lucky enough to live near one of the pop-up Luke's locations, Netflix offered another anniversary gift: a featurette featuring familiar faces from Stars Hollow.

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Nov. 25 (the release date for "A Year in the Life") can't come soon enough!