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Gibson's future movies remain up in the air

Several films are still attached to the actor, and until it’s clear that the productions are no longer willing to work with him, the tacit message those productions send is one of support.
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Mel Gibson has yet to comment on the audio recordings of him allegedly spewing hateful remarks and threatening then-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, so maybe it’s no surprise that  commenting on his supposed slate of upcoming films isn’t a high priority.

That said, several films are still attached to Gibson, and until it’s abundantly clear that the productions are no longer willing to work with him, the tacit message those productions send is one of support.

First up is “The Beaver,” which is being distributed by Summit Entertainment, the same company behind the “Twilight” series. The film’s current status is post-production, according to IMDb, which gives the film a release date of 2010.

Whether the movie will actually see the light of day before year’s end seems to be a source of confusion. The Daily Beast said it was “presumed dead.” Meanwhile, Summit spokesperson Hans-Dieter Kopal said there was “no comment” at this time about attaching a release date to the film. “Rumors that there was a specific release date and now there’s not are not true,” he said. “There was never a release date that was set. IMDb is just an estimate.”

Another source close to Summit said that deciding what to do with the film, in which Gibson plays a suicidal toy-company CEO who communicates with the outside world via a beaver puppet on his hand, “is an ongoing conversation.” The source noted that “the days and weeks to come” will likely include more concrete decisions about how the studio will handle the release.

There’s also “How I Spent My Summer Vacation,” which is listed as “currently filming” on IMDb. Icon Productions, the production company behind the film, wouldn’t comment about the movie’s status and instead directed all queries to Gibson’s publicist, Alan Nierob, who did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

Finally, there’s the “Untitled Mel Gibson/Leonardo DiCaprio” project, which Gibson was set to produce and direct, and in which DiCaprio was cast. Reps for DiCaprio did not comment about the future of his involvement. And Gibson’s rep? You guessed it, no comment on that either.

At some point, the production companies, co-stars and/or Gibson will have to make some decisions about how these films will be released, and in what capacity Gibson will be involved. Until then, we can only assume that there’s a large portion of Hollywood standing behind Gibson.

Kardashian’s new man won't follow in Bush's footsteps
Kim Kardashian’s new boyfriend, NFL player Miles Austin, snubbed a lucrative six-figure endorsement deal with Red Bull recently. The reason: Kim’s ex-boyfriend, fellow NFL player Reggie Bush, already holds a contract with the energy-drink company.

Sources close to the couple say that the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver considered the offer. He ultimately turned it down because he doesn’t want to come second to Bush any longer.

“Miles didn’t want to follow in Reggie’s footsteps again,” a source said to Life & Style. “He was very aware it would look bad.”

Kardashian and Austin got together after the reality TV starlet broke up with Bush in March. Though she was seen making out with soccer star Christiano Ronaldo in April, she has confirmed she is currently with Austin.

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