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Gibson reportedly calls ex 30 times over span of 10 hours

The actor reportedly called Oksana Grigorieva up to 30 times and left a series of angry voicemails the night she ended their relationship.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Mel Gibson reportedly called Oksana Grigorieva up to 30 times the night she ended their relationship.

According to Radar Online — who released eight voicemail messages left by Gibson — the series of phone calls spanned 10 hours, allegedly starting at 8 p.m. on Feb. 18.

The calls appear calm in nature initially, but then spiral into a rage similar to previously released Gibson recordings.

"You were a sour-faced b---- today. Do you think it was tricky to get that f------ tree in the hole, the placenta and organize all that s---? Do you know how much f------ time and money went into that?" Gibson said, reportedly referring to a tree-planting ceremony he and Grigorieva had that day for their daughter, Lucia.

Gibson is heard unleashing a barrage of expletives and insults directed toward Grigorieva, and according to clinical psychologist Dr. Michelle Golland, who has not treated the actor, the calls are classic examples of domestic violence.

"The way I would classify Mel's behavior of the obsessive phone calling is harassment," Golland told Access on Wednesday. "It's to keep her awake and let's face it, they have a child and he's doing this behavior with absolutely no concern for the child and the impact on her ... he wants her back so he can start the cycle of abuse again."

In one rant, Gibson insults Grigorieva's musical talents, reportedly saying, "You are just f------ ordinary. And that goes for the talent too, it's ordinary. It's not extraordinary. It's pretty f------ common. I'd like to see you play a concert sometime. You can't do it!"

"Abusive individuals do what I call, 'Go for the jugular,' " Golland explained. "They know what hurts and they target that. He does it to sort of dehumanize her and to try and break her self-esteem, so that's when you hear her discussing her career, body, her sexuality and that sort of thing."

As of Wednesday afternoon, a rep for Gibson had "no comment" on the situation.