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'Ghostbusters' pics offer closer look at leads, first glimpse of Chris Hemsworth

The next installment in the "Ghostbusters" film franchise is still five months away, but eager fans don't have to wait until the summer to get a better look at the characters coming to the big screen.

New photos not only offer close-ups of the women who'll be putting on the proton packs, there's also a first look at the man in their midst.

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"Thor" star Chris Hemsworth won't be wearing a jumpsuit in the new adventure, but he will be sporting some Janine Melnitz-worthy specs as he takes on the receptionist role in the reboot.

Hopper Stone / Sony Pictures

As for leading ladies Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon, they're not wearing their jumpsuits in the latest civilian shots, either.

Hopper Stone / Sony Pictures
Hopper Stone / Sony Pictures
Hopper Stone / Sony Pictures
Hopper Stone / Sony Pictures

Want to see even more? You'll have to wait — but not too much longer. On Wednesday, director Paul Feig announced the launch of the official "Ghostbusters" site and promised a trailer would soon be on the way.

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"Ghostbusters" opens in theaters nationwide July 15.

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