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Get ready for Paris Hilton, serious actress

Look out, Meryl Streep. Paris Hilton is going to start taking this acting thing very seriously.
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Look out, Meryl Streep. Paris Hilton is going to start taking this acting thing very seriously.

The “House of Wax” star has landed a new role in a film called “The Hottie and the Nottie” and says she’s been working hard to prepare for the role of a hot girl who refuses to get married until her not-hot friend finds a sweetie.

“I’m serious about acting and I have a bunch of movies lined up,” the partying Heiress told Hello! magazine. She has even been reading the thespian book: ”The Power of the Actor.”

“I think I can become a good actress,” Hilton explained. “It’s something I want to prove to myself and to other people. I feel I’m getting better and feeling more confident about what I can do as an actress.”

Snapping back into shapeBritney Spears is determined to get rid of more than her estranged husband.

On her way to the night club Hyde recently, The “Oops, I Did It Again” stopped by Petit Tresor and spent more than $400 on Mustela creams, which are used to fade post-natal stretch marks, according to a source.

“I guess it will be part of her new look,” says the insider, “and I say, ‘Good for her.’”

Notes from all overRenée Zellweger says she doesn’t want to own a gun but has considered getting one. “I did buy a house. I have places to live, but I don’t live there because I don’t have time to get there and because I’ve had people show up at these houses, so it’s not a friendly place for a girl who is single without a dog to live,” the “Bridget Jones” star told the Belfast Telegraph. “People usually mean no harm, but it’s scary if there is a car idling outside your house in the middle of the woods at four in the morning. You realize you can’t live there any more. It’s sad, but that’s how it works. It’s no big deal. It’s just a job hazard. I don’t want to own a gun, but sometimes at four in the morning when there is a car outside, you do think about it.”  . . . LaToya Jackson says she helped deliver a child and that it’s changed her life.  . . .Matthew Fox says his penchant for skinny-dipping is no big deal. “When I was a kid there wasn’t a huge delineation in our family between having clothes on or not having clothes on. And the reason I have so much fun doing it now is people are so shocked by it, and, like, ‘Oh, my God, Fox just took his clothes off!’” the star tells Men’s Journal. “But, I mean, just how long ago was it that we were all wandering around in loincloths? I don’t know, dude, but I grew up, all the way until I was 22 years old ... in locker rooms showering with [bleeping] 40 other dudes and you’re not checking each other’s [bleep] sizes out, you’re just walking around like it’s no big deal. And no, I don’t take my clothes off all the time because I think I have a huge unit and want to show it off. I do it because it’s frickin’ funny!”

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