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Get needled: Knit this easy-to-make scarf

Summer’s long days are the perfect time to knit accessories for winter. Vickie Howell, host of “Knitty Gritty” on the DIY Network, shares a pattern.
/ Source: TODAY

Vickie Howell, host of the popular “Knitty Gritty” show on the DIY Network, is known as a “chick with sticks.” In her latest book, “Not Another Teen Knitting Book,” Howell tells girls how they can knit trendy accessories — scarves, belts, shawls hats, gloves, and even handbags — to update their wardrobes. Try this easy-to-make scarf pattern at home:

Glam adjustable scarf

Level: Freshmen
This scarf uses a conventional stitch with a non-conventional “yarn” to create a fun and funky accessory that looks like it just came off the runway. It uses metallic fabric, cut up into strips, which adds a little bit of glamour and texture to an otherwise simple pattern. The scarf is designed with multiple keyholes so that it can be worn at different lengths, making it look as great with jeans and a T-shirt as it does with a skirt and heels. It’s simple, inexpensive and fabulous. What could be better?

2 yards novelty metallic fabricrotary cutterquilter's squareself-healing matset of size US 17 (12.75 mm) needlestapestry needlestitch holderGaugeApproximately 8 sts = 4-inch stockinette stitch (may vary depending on accuracy of fabric strip width.)

Jody Horton

Making yarn fabricFold fabric in half and then in half again so that you have four layers of fabric. Lining your fabric up on the gridlines of the self-healing quilter’s mat, cut fabric into 1-inch strips (using a quilter’s square or book to act as a straight edge to guide you) — don’t worry, they do not need to be perfect! Tie strips together at ends and wind into ball. You’ll notice a lot of fraying at the edges; this will create a great fringy glam look once the fabric is knitted up.Directions

  • CO 6 sts. *K 12 rows.
  • K 3, place last 3 sts on stitch holder.
  • K the 3 remaining sts on needle for 6 rows. Cut yarn.
  • Place sts just worked onto holder. Join yarn and K sts from holder for 5 rows. On the 6th row, K3 sts and then continue across row by K3 sts off of holder.
  • Repeat from * until scarf measures 36". K 12 rows. BO.

Make sure all of the ends poking out from where you tied your strips together are firmly knotted. Trim them down to about 2-½ inches long so that you can see the fringe detail of the fabric.

“Not Another Teen Knitting Book” glossary

  • approx approximately
  • beg       beginning
  • BO        bind off
  • CC        contrasting color yarn
  • ch         chain
  • CO        cast on
  • cont      continue, continuing
  • dec       decrease, decreasing
  • dpn(s)   double-pointed needle(s)
  • inc        increase, increasing
  • k          knit
  • k2tog    knit two stitches together
  • LH        left-hand
  • M1       make one stitch
  • MC       main color yarn
  • p          purl
  • pat       pattern
  • pm        place marker
  • PSSO    Pass slipped stitch over
  • rem      remaining
  • rep       repeat
  • rep from *      repeat all the instructions following the asterisk as many times as indicated, in addition to the first time
  • RH        right-hand
  • rib        ribbing
  • rnd       round
  • RS        right side
  • sc         single crochet
  • sl          slip
  • SKPO     Slip 1 st, knit 1 st, pass  slipped st over knit st
  • S2KP     Slip 2 sts together,
  • knit 1     st, pass 2 slipped sts over                    
  • knit st ssk      slip, slip, knit (slip 2 stitches, then knit them       together through the back loop)
  • St st      stockinette stitch (alternate between knit and purl rows)
  • st(s)      stitch(es)
  • tbl         through the back loop   work even work in pattern without increasing or decreasing any stitches
  • WS       wrong side
  • yo         yarn over
  • 2yo       double yarn over

Excerpted from “Not Another Teen Knitting Book,” by Vickie Howell. Copyright 2006 by Vickie Howell. Published with permision from All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.