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Get Mel Gibson's rant for your cell phone

The next anti-Semitic rant in a vaguely Aussie accent you hear may not be Mel Gibson: it may be a cell phone.
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The next anti-Semitic rant in a vaguely Aussie accent you hear may not be Mel Gibson: it may be a cell phone.

Oasys Mobile has created a “Mel in Malibu” ringtone with a professional actor impersonating Gibson’s . The tirade, free to download, has the potty-mouth bits bleeped out.

“We’re starting a series of Scandal Tones that are inspired by celebrities going through a scandal,” Oasys spokeswoman Gina Torres tells The Scoop.

Any other celebs in the company’s ringtone future? “We’re looking towards doing something with Lindsay Lohan,” Torres says. “We’re waiting until she gets hospitalized again and then we’re going to have the sound of an ambulance siren in the background and this husky-voiced Lohan sound-alike blaming it on dehydration. She’s already been hospitalized three times this year, so we figure we won’t have to wait long.”

Suri Cruise: The Loch Ness Monster of babydom
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are releasing pics of their daughter “shortly,” a spokesman insists.

The has become so hotly debated that some wags are calling Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ child the Loch Ness Monster of the celeb world: some are claiming to have seen her, while others insist she's just a myth.

One rumor is that protective pop Top Gun is reluctant to trot out the child because he’s worried about kidnapping threats. His spokesman denies that buzz — and even denies that Cruise is “reluctant” to show Suri.

“He hasn’t been reluctant,” spokesman Arnold Robinson tells the Scoop. “They will be making a decision to release the photographs [of Suri] shortly.” Will the pics be released to a single or few media outlets, or will it be a general release? “That’s part of the decision they’ll be making shortly,” he said.

Notes from all overGuy Ritchie reportedly blasted a buddy for making fun of his wife Madonna. “I used to love her,” actor Danny Dyer was quoted as saying. “She was the first person that ever made me hot, but she’s over. She runs around in a leotard and she’s like 50 and she’s into all that Kabbalah [bleep] which is weird. She’s a bloody nutter.” Hubby Ritchie is said to have demanded — and received — an apology.  . . . Jerry Lewis is rumored to be ready to reprise his “Nutty Professor” role. The ailing actor, who starred in the 1963 comedy, will do the voiceover in an animated remake.  . . . Academy Award-winning actor Jamie Foxx still harbors some pain — and puts it to work. “I have things privately that I never speak about,” the Miami Vice star told Ireland’s Sunday Independent “But I use them as fuel and inspiration. For anger, yeah, and for toughness, and you just don’t forget. You must never lose the ability to recognize evil, no matter how good things get.”

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