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Get to know the kids in Al's Book Club

The six members tell us their favorite books, games,  summer plans and much more!
/ Source: TODAY

From their age, favorite book and summer plans — get to know the kids in Al's Book Club: Name: Sirah Besso SowAge: 10Hometown: New YorkFavorite book: “Beacon Street Girls.” It's my favorite because the girls are all from different communities and different attitudes who seemed unable to work together. But, finally they were able to work out their differences.Favorite character: Harry Potter — because he is adventurous, daring, somehow unusual.Favorite game or hobby: Bowling, reading, playing music and singingPlans for the summer: Go to camp and Horseback riding.

Name: Sarah Jautz Age: 9 Hometown: Rye, New York Favorite book: All the Harry Potter books — because they have so much imagination, excitement and mystery in them. Favorite character: Meggie from “Inkheart” by Cornelia Funke   — because she is a quick thinker, does what she wants to do and has an adventurous life Favorite game or hobby: Reading, writing, hanging out with my friends Plans for the summer: Go to the pool and to the beach (with my books of course), read a lot, travel, go sailing, be with my friends and family.Name: Tyla Sade Leach Age: 10 Hometown: Bronx, New York (born in Manhattan) Favorite book: “Prophecy of the Stones” by Flavia Bujor because it hooks you in and you just can't put the book down. Favorite character: Opal from “Prophecy of the Stones” because she would not give up. She even sacrificed her life. Favorite hobby: Singing and reading Plans for the summer: To visit family in Virginia Beach and Georgia.Name: Kyle Flowers Age: I turned 11 yesterday.Hometown: Jamaica, New York Favorite book: So far my favorite book is “Hugo Cabret” because it had lots of pictures and it was like watching a movie. Favorite character: My most memorable book character was “Hugo Cabret” because he was sneaky and so am I. I also had a self to text connection. Favorite hobby: My favorite game is soccer but I also enjoy video games. Plans for the summer: For the summer I plan to go to soccer camp which will help to improve my game play.Name: Malik Bonilla Age: 10 Years Old Hometown: Bronx, NY Favorite book: My favorite book is “Hugo Cabret” because it has many interesting details. Most memorable book: I don't know because I have ready bout 84 books and it is hard to remember all of the stories. Favorite game or hobby: My favorite hobby is cooking. Plans for summer: This summer I plan on reading and preparing for the 5th grade. Name: Matthew LishAge: 9Hometown: Fresh Meadows, New YorkFavorite book: My favorite book is “There's a Boy in the Girls Bathroom” by Louis Sacher. I like this book because it shows kids my age dealing with social problems kids might have.Most memorable book character: One of the most memorable characters in this book is Carla because she devolps a relationship with a kid which really affects the story.Favorite game or hobby: My favorite hobby is circus performing arts. I like to clown around, do magic, stilt walk, twist balloons, and I LOVE to juggle. I even take juggling lessons with a private juggling coach!Plans for summer: This summer I plan to read, practice script, go to circus day camp, and swim at the pool.