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Gervais shrugs off Globes jabs: 'It wasn't a room full of wounded soldiers'

Seven months after what was alternately described as the funniest or most offensive Golden Globes presentation to date, the show’s host still stands by his no-holds-barred material.

Actor-writer-comedian Ricky Gervais visited TODAY Wednesday morning and explained his take on the jab-filled routine and responded to critics’ allegations that he crossed the line.

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” the funnyman told host Matt Lauer. “I mean, I crossed the line? Who drew the line? I didn’t draw the line. Where’s this line, right? It wasn’t that bad. If they saw my standup, their heads would explode.”

Besides, as far as Gervais is concerned, it’s not as if the crowd couldn’t handle the barbs.

“I was poking fun at a room full of people who pretend to be someone else all day,” he saod. “It wasn’t a room full of wounded soldiers. These are Hollywood actors.”

And despite claims that some of those actors and others in the biz had a real problem with Gervais’ Globe hosting duties, he considers his recent Emmy nomination, for that very same performance, vindication.

“So the Emmy voters were saying ‘yeah, we liked it,’” he said.

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