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This somber Christmas ad will make you want to spend time with your family

Holiday cheer and Christmas jingles are back again, but one seasonal commercial is sending viewers a powerful message.
Serviceplan Group / YouTube
/ Source: TODAY

The time for holiday-themed TV commercials has come again but one popular German supermarket chain is changing the tune.

Penny, a beloved European grocery brand, just released a new Christmas ad campaign with shockingly cheer-less holiday music and no festive foods.

In less than two minutes, the video clip powerfully captures the grief many families feel during a time normally associated with parties and gatherings.

The ad follows one mother’s pain in coping with an estranged daughter and the difficult process of moving toward reconciliation.

Viewers first watch the mom relive a fight with her pregnant, adult daughter. Presumably, the argument occurred many years ago and not until this season did the mother — now a grandmother — embark on a metaphorical trek toward forgiveness. Along her journey, the mother faces a menacing emotional storm that is brought to life with stunning special effects.

The commercial conveys a loaded message ending with the words: “However long the path might seem, it’s Christmas. Time to reconcile.”

Penny's ad reminds viewers that, for many families, the holidays can make emotional pain grow even more poignant.

With a somber tone and emotional graphics, the grocery store sympathizes not just with German shoppers but all people missing a loved one this season. Indeed, now is the time to reconcile and forgive.