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George W. Bush heckled Willie Geist about his shoes at the Presidents Cup in 2017

"Willie, what's up with those shoes, man?!"
/ Source: TODAY

Those weren't just any pair of blue shoes that Willie Geist was wearing on TODAY Wednesday morning!

He can proudly say that those comfy-looking Cole Haan sneakers were once heckled by a U.S. president.

Willie shared the funny story on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna about the time Jenna Bush Hager's father, former president George W. Bush, relentlessly busted Willie's chops over his footwear.

It all started when Willie was serving as a speaker during a ceremony at the 2017 Presidents Cup golf tournament in New Jersey, which featured three former presidents in the crowd - Bush, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

"I was wearing these shoes and I start to hear this voice coming from the right side kinda heckling me going, 'Hey, hey, Willie! What's up with those shoes, man? What's the deal with those shoes?'" Willie told Jenna.

"It was the 43rd president of the United States, her father, George W. Bush, legit heckling me, throughout my comments, about my shoes."

2017 Presidents Cup
George W. Bush had fellow ex-presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton cracking up at Willie Geist's expense at a 2017 golf tournament.Chris Condon / US PGA TOUR

Bush didn't just make a single crack about Willie's sneakers, either. He had a whole peanut gallery going.

"And the best part was he would not let it go,'' Willie said. "He leaned over to Obama and started pointing to my shoes. Obama starts laughing, President Clinton's laughing, all these presidents were laughing at these shoes because your father instigated it."

"That's so mean. It's bullying!" Jenna said. "I know what it's like to have an outfit be made fun of. You know what, to set the record straight: Dad, that was rude."

Willie was a good sport about it, even when Bush didn't let up.

"I loved it, and he came up afterward and he gave some even more specific criticism later,'' Willie said. "This was like a pretty heavy, big ceremony and he's like, 'Nope, I'm going after the shoes for like 30 minutes.''''

Her father doesn't have a whole lot of ground to stand on when it comes to criticizing fashion as far as Jenna is concerned.

Unlike Jenna, a fashionista who recently wore a chic red cape dress to an awards show in New York City, the former president's style can be judged just by the clothes he's tried to pawn off on her husband, Henry Hager.

"This is a man who wears a shirt with his dog Barney, who's long dead, that says 'Favorite No. 1 son,''' she said. "Really, the things that he wears. He's like 'Henry, want this shirt?' It's like a rhinestone shirt with like a crocodile, and Henry's like, 'No thank you.'''