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It's a big dill! George Takei reads his pun-filled Amazon reviews

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By Matt Murray

George Takei is known for his mastery of social media, but that's just one of his skills. Another is that of expert Amazon critic.

In fact, he has 26 Amazon reviews. So we asked the actor who played helmsman Sulu on the original "Star Trek" to read a couple of his favorites, including his assessments of pickle lip balm and bacon adhesive bandages.

First, Takei shared his review of Pickle Lip Balm Dill Flavored Scented Novelty Gag Prank Present:

"2/5 stars: No big dill

When it comes to my lips, I eschew the vlassic flavors. So with this item, the heart said yes though the brine said no.

Apparently, the taste wasn't kosher for Brad, who can be a sour puss, even when in the balm of your hand. So you might want to pickle little more carefully, and give your spouse more than lip service.

Now I just say there's a pickle in my pocket and I'm happy to see him. Too cuke for words.

Well, never a dill moment around here."

Takei then read his read his review of Bacon shaped themed Adhesive Bandages:

"5/5 stars: Bacon the most of it 

Looking to add a little sizzle to your next flesh wound? Tired of the same boaring bandages?

Not to pork fun at an injury, but nothing strips the pain away like meating friends out dressed like this. "That's sow wrong, George!" they squeal. But fat chance they let such a pig idea go. In fact, they often rip it off quickly — after giving me the cold shoulder.

Perhaps it's time to climb out of this filthy pig pun. I can't help it: I ham what I ham."

Watch the video to see Takei share his reviews. Like Takei's Amazon reviews? Check them all out here.