George Clooney talks about his marriage to Amal Alamuddin on 'The Late Show'

/ Source: TODAY

Once the world's most eligible bachelor, George Clooney admits that he is now the "arm candy" in his marriage to wife Amal Alamuddin.

During the actor's appearance as the inaugural guest on the premiere of "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" Tuesday night, Colbert asked, "What is it like to be the arm candy in a relationship? She must say, like, ‘We’re going to meet extremely intelligent people tonight — these are not show folk. Just be shiny and pretty.'"

George Clooney talked with Stephen Colbert about his marriage to wife Amal as they approach their first-year wedding anniversary.Jeffrey R. Staab / CBS

"Shiny and pretty — that's mostly what I do,'' Clooney said.

Clooney's first wedding anniversary with Amal, a human rights lawyer, is coming up on Sept. 27.

George Clooney joked about being the "arm candy" to wife Amal with Stephen Colbert.Iconic / Getty Images Contributor

"They said it wouldn't last,'' Clooney said. "It's going really well."

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Colbert got right to the personal stuff about the marriage before jokingly admitting that he and Clooney do not know each other. Colbert then presented him with a belated wedding gift, a paperweight with the inscription "I don't know you."

Since Clooney didn't have a movie or anything else to promote, they came up with a fake one called "Decision Strike" about a "tough, no-nonsense secretary general of the U.N.," complete with fake clips of Clooney saving the world while fitting in time for some romance and hanging out of an airplane door.

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