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Is George Clooney rekindling an old flame?

Looks like George Clooney — Hollywood’s hot man of the moment — is rekindling an old flame.
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Looks like George Clooney — Hollywood’s hot man of the moment — is rekindling an old flame. The Oscar-winner was spotted the evening before the Academy Awards ceremony having a cozy dinner with ex-sweetie Krista Allen, according to reports.

“They looked really happy and relaxed together,” a source told the London Mirror. “They were holding hands and flirting like any loved-up couple would.”

Another ex, Lisa Snowdon, was reporting from the Oscars. In recent weeks, Clooney has been linked with Renee Zellweger and Teri Hatcher, although various spokespeople have suggested that there are no serious relationships there.

When asked if reports of the pre-Oscar dinner with Allen were true, Clooney’s rep told The Scoop, “I wasn’t with him that evening, so I don’t know.”

Madonna gives up on movie stardomMadonna has sworn off trying to become a movie star.

“I have sort of let go,” she told Out magazine. “What film can survive people saying it’s going to be a bomb from the second it’s announced? Making movies is such an effort. And to do that over and over again, with the possibility that I am going to get the [bleep] kicked out of me — and they really enjoy doing it — I mean, it doesn’t make sense.”

But it sounds like she hasn’t sworn off nips and tucks. “I am not going to hold a press conference if I have plastic surgery,” she also said. “But as I have said many times, I think about it, like everybody, and I sure don’t rule it out.”

Notes from all overPriscilla Presley was in Australia lately, pitching her line of linens and telling shoppers about her late hubby’s preferences in sheets. But Presley had some strict guidelines for reporters: no questions about plastic surgery and no questions about Michael Jackson. She was, of course, briefly Jackson’s mother-in-law. Her interest in decorating, Presley revealed, began when she was at Graceland. “I decorated two of our homes and I haven’t stopped,” she said. Regarding Elvis, she revealed. “He certainly liked satin sheets and very quality-driven cottons and silks. We didn’t have the choices that we have today, but we certainly made the best of what we had.”  . . .Some “March of the Penguins” producers wanted to have real birds march across the Oscar stage, but PETA put the kibosh on that. “A handful of the film’s producers thought it would be funny to march a real penguin posse onto the stage,” a source told The Scoop, “but when the few leery producers consulted PETA, the animal-protection group explained that Hollywood is no place for those arctic animals, who don’t do well in warm climates and likely would be terrified by the noise, crowds, and flashbulbs.” The idea was nixed, and the producers carried stuffed animals instead.  . . .  Even celebs get embarrassed by their parents. The mag J-14 got some celebs  to discuss theirs. “My mom really couldn’t sing and she would sing in public!” Pink told the mag. “She sounded like Lucille Ball would have trying to sing opera.” For Ashlee Simpson, it was her father’s choice of clothes. “Back in the day,” she revealed, “my dad wore Hammer pants.”

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