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George Clooney is not a godfather, either

George Clooney's rep is shooting down reports that Clooney will be the Godfather to Nicole Kidman's baby

Another week, another update from George Clooney—assured that the world knows he’s not about to become a husband, Clooney’s rep is shooting down reports that Clooney will be a godfather to Nicole Kidman’s baby. “They are friends,” says his longtime rep Stan Rosenfield, “but George was not asked to be the Godfather.”

“Nor was he ever approached about ER,” Rosenfield adds. Last week, there was buzz that Clooney would be reprising his role for the show’s next—and possibly last—season. Where can you catch Clooney? His new film “Leatherheads” opens April 4.

Ugly Betty welcoming Project Runway winner in the fold?

Although the true test of Christian Siriano’s success will be if we can recall the designer’s name this time next year, the “Project Runway” winner is angling to be one of the most successful of all the show’s past winners if rumored appearance on “Ugly Betty” is ture.

A source close to Siriano confirms that the designer will be doing a guest spot on “Ugly Betty.” “He let it slip at the dinner at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in L.A. last week, but it’s looking like it’s really happening,” says the source. A rep for the show says “We can’t confirm anything at this time.” Another source close to the production commented, aptly, “It would be ‘fierce,’ it would be a perfect fit.”

In other fashion related news, yet another fashion-themed reality show might be in production, this one from co-producers Jane Cha and Desiree Gruber. The tentative name is “Fashionista,” and the show’s winner will get the chance to work at Elle magazine.

Jimmy Kimmel: slightly thoughtless, still sensitive

It’s not every day that Elle magazine runs a quality interview with a man, but the monthly can count their sit down with Jimmy Kimmel in their April issue among their best. In the interview Kimmel lets down his guard slightly, and gets personal about his relationship with Sarah Silverman. “Sarah [Silverman] is obsessed with ear wax, so I’ll buy her whatever the latest ear wax remover device is. And I’m not always the most thoughtful; I bought my ex-wife’s engagement ring at Costco.” Kimmel sounds like the kind of guy who can take a joke, but he tells Elle that when Silverman, who wasn’t his girlfriend at the time said during a roast that “he’s fat and has no charisma,” then compared him to Danny Aiello, he took it hard. “The fact is, people watch those roasts and see all the laughing and assume all those jokes just bounce off, but you definitely take things away with you. To be 34 and compared to Danny Aiello is not a great thing”