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George Clooney and Hugh Laurie team up for Jimmy Kimmel's so-called 'ER' reunion

Television's longest-running medical drama has been away from the small screen for seven years, but "ER" fans still hold out hope for a reunion one day.

As it turned out, Tuesday was that day. Sort of.

Jimmy Kimmel promised his late-night audience an "ER" reunion, and he definitely delivered on part of that promise in a skit featuring Doug Ross himself, George Clooney.

But when Dr. Ross needed a scalpel, he didn't have much help at County General Hospital.

"Julianna Margulies?" a seemingly confused Clooney asked.

"She's filming 'The Good Wife,' so she couldn't make it," Kimmel told him.

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Kimmel offered excuses for all the missing stars: Eriq La Salle? "Jury duty." Noah Wyle? "Taco Tuesday." And Anthony Edwards? Well, his character died a long time ago. Also, "he's at Soul Cycle."

But someone was willing to make a house call and help out — or rather a "House" call.

"I was not technically on ER," Hugh Laurie said as he entered the scene.

"Well, close enough," Clooney shot back.

Soon enough both stars where shouting out medical-sounding gibberish over their ailing patient, Kimmel.

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For a while, it looked like they were losing him, but then Laurie remembered something from their old "TV medical school" days: CPR to the beat of The Sugarhill Gang's "Rapper's Delight" can always save the day.

Hearing George Clooney rap certainly saved ours!

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