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George and Amal Clooney offering chance to double date with them at Lake Como home

It's a dream date with Amal Clooney. Oh, and her "husband George" will be there, too.
/ Source: TODAY

If you've ever dreamed of visiting George and Amal Clooney at their luxurious Lake Como villa in Italy, now's your chance.

The Hollywood couple are offering a "dream double date" to two lucky fans as part of a new campaign to raise donations for the Clooney Foundation for Justice through the fundraising platform Omaze.

George shared exciting details about the contest in a hilarious new video on Omaze's website.

"Hi, I'm George Clooney and I'm here to invite you to come to Italy with my wife and me," says the actor before a director yells "Cut" and tells George to stick to the original script.

So George tries again. "Hi, I'm Amal Clooney's husband, George, and we'd like to invite you to come with us to Lake Como," he says before asking the director if he's sure that's how he should say it.

The director responds, "People really love Amal. That’s really the selling point here."

Fan now have the chance to win a "dream double date" with George and Amal Clooney at their Lake Como villa in Italy.Getty Images

Humbled, George continues with the script.

"That's right, to benefit the Clooney Foundation for Justice, we’re inviting you and a guest to go on a double date with Amal, a world-renowned human rights lawyer, law school professor and a leading thinker on the concept of justice throughout the world and me … an actor,” he says, looking irritated.

The contest's winners will be flown roundtrip to Italy, where they'll stay in a luxury 4-star hotel. They'll also share a lavish Italian lunch with Amal and her "husband George."Omaze

“Just picture it," he continues, "You and Amal, wine in your hand discussing current affairs while her husband quietly serves lunch."

At that, annoyed George tosses the script and improvises his own pitch.

"Hi, I'm George Clooney. Amal is one of the most intelligent, compassionate, and impressive people you'll ever meet, and I am the two-time Sexiest Man Alive," he says with a confident smirk.

"I played Danny Ocean in the 'Ocean's' movies. I was in a little show called 'ER'in the '90s. Oh, and you guys like superhero movies? Well, I was Batman. I was the only Batman with nipples," he continues."Did a little show called 'Baby Talk'. People say it's the quintessential show about a talking baby. And that's just the tip of the iceberg."

"I also have Brad Pitt's home phone number, which ... I could give you," he adds as a voiceover gives more details about the trip.

The contest's winners will be flown roundtrip to Italy, where they'll stay in a luxury 4-star hotel. They'll also enjoy a lavish lunch with the Clooneys at their Lake Como villa, where they can take in breathtaking views of the lake and the nearby Alps.

Proceeds benefit the Clooney Foundation for Justice, which advocates for justice through accountability for human rights abuses around the world.

To enter the contest, go to