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Gene Simmons' daughter blames rivalry drama on 'X Factor' editing

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Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed-Simmons with Sophie (center) on "X Factor."

As one of the stars of the now-canceled “Gene Simmons Family Jewels,” Sophie Tweed-Simmons knows a thing or two about reality television, but she apparently learned something new after watching Wednesday night’s “The X Factor.”

“Wow editing,” Sophie tweeted during the East Coast broadcast of Simon Cowell’s singing competition, when producers made it seem like, during Boot Camp, she and a fellow contestant -- Tara Simon -- really didn’t like each other.

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While Tara, a vocal coach, performed a Queen classic -- “Somebody to Love” -- in front of the judges, cameras panned to fellow contestant Sophie, who looked bothered by the performance and Tara’s moves on stage.

But on Twitter, Sophie denied there was a feud brewing between the two women.

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“FYI @tarasimonsings and I were never in a cat fight. At least not that we knew of,” she wrote.

“To set the record straight…all the contestants were like brother and sister we love each other so much. I hope they show that aspect of it,” Sophie added.

Last week, producers showed Tara complaining backstage about the 20-year-old Sophie, whose dad is KISS rocker Gene Simmons and mom is actress Shannon Tweed. Shortly after the show aired, the two also attempted to clear things up on Twitter.

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“Girl, they spliced my convo with that girl together and totally twisted what I said. Such crap. Love you girl, youre great,” Tara tweeted to Sophie on September 26.

“Got a lovely voicemail from @tarasimonsings I accept your apology and I know it wasn’t quite as it seemed,” Sophie wrote on September 28.

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