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Geeks Unite! The Big Bang Theory Brings Nerd Power (and Scoop) to Comic-Con

No sex might be a common problem for nerds, but when it comes to The Big Bang Theory, the problem is much more complicated.
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No sex might be a common problem for nerds, but when it comes to The Big Bang Theory, the problem is much more complicated.

Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco filled us in on what season five is going to look like for Penny and Leonard. Plus, did creator Chuck Lorre really promise full-frontal nudity?

Yesterday, Galecki told the crowd at the TV Guide Fan Favorites panel that next season, he anticipates Penny's feelings for Leonard to flicker back to life, even though he'll be in a long distant relationship with Priya. "He'll have two girls and no sex," he remarked dryly.

Of course, we had to bring that up to Cuoco when we spoke to her later, and she more than agreed with that comment. "Let's just say Leonard will be pent up," she told us. Johnny laughed when we relayed her prediction, adding: "He'll be gritting his teeth a lot."

Meanwhile, Mayim Bialik, one half of the cutest couple ever, only hopes for Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Amy to continue to maneuver the relationships together. "I think Jim and I really love to do new things with our characters, so I'd really like to see more of that."

Melissa Rauche promises trouble ahead for Bernadette and Howard, as she continues with her successful career and bring in more bucks than her fianc. "That won't hurt his frail ego at all," she said sarcastically. But on the flip side, Rachel also revealed we can look forward to more girls' nights!

Here are more highlights from The Big Bang Theory panel, including Lorre's unfortunately joking remark about showing some skin:

Executive producer Bill Prady guaranteed that fans would be happy with the outcome of last season's Raj-Penny cliffhanger, regardless of what viewers want to happen. "There will be a resolution. Whichever way you came down with what happened, you'll be happy how it comes out."

Galecki and Parsons are both nominated for an Emmy in the same category this year, so the question of a rivalry came up. "Always. Since day one," Johnny deadpanned. He's probably kidding, but the Emmy race would be a lot more exciting if he wasn't.

A fan asked if we'd ever see Leslie Winkle again, but sounds like we won't for now. "Sara Gilbert is not available to us. She's doing The Talk," Prady said.

Mayim's favorite BBT scene? Having a drunk kiss with Jim Parsons. Not surprised at all; we'd cherish kissing him, too.

More scoop from Comic-Con will be coming at your faces until Sunday, so be sure to bookmark our Comic-Con page.

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