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'Gatsby' video reveals that special effects are the real stars

A video showing the special effects of "The Great Gatsby" shows green and blue screens that are later filled in with scenery.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire may have been listed as the stars of the recent 3-D movie version of F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby," but those behind the scenes know better. The real stars of the $100-plus million film were the special effects, put in to show sweeping views of New York, rolling lawns at Gatsby's estate, dazzling neon signs decorating a Jazz Age New York.

A fascinating four-minute video lets viewers slip behind the Hollywood curtain and check out how the scenes looked when filmed -- many with blank backgrounds or green screens where eventual scenery would be.

As you watch, the video rolls over the scene and fills in the landscape as it was eventually seen in the film. Manor homes magically appear where there was nothing, a partial dock is extended out into the rolling water, a car chase is suddenly surrounded by traffic and bridges.

If you like the video, you can check out a similar version for "Game of Thrones," which features direwolves magically materializing, castles blooming on cliffs, and much more.