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Gary Busey vs. The Snapple Lady

‘Celebrity Fit Club 2’ provides a weighty feud
/ Source: contributor

As reality shows multiply, it’s easy to lose track of what’s happening, to the point where entire, remarkable tales are unfolding all around you and you don’t even realize it. For example, if you haven’t followed VH1’s “Celebrity Fit Club 2,” which has its finale Sunday night (10 p.m. ET), you probably don’t know that there’s been a feud simmering between actor/weirdo Gary Busey and Wendy the Snapple Lady.

“Celebrity Fit Club” showcases eight celebrities — well, it’s not clear whether Willie Aames and the lead singer of Warrant are still celebrities, but, whatever — competing in teams to lose weight through diet and exercise. In each episode, they clamber up onto a scale and their progress is announced.

Hostilities broke out early between Busey and Wendy. He called her names, oinked at her on occasion, and tried to kick her off his team. She called him a “mean-spirited” team leader. It appeared that the beverage-advertising icon and the star of “The Buddy Holly Story” might never see eye to eye.

But this was the week when Wendy and Busey made their peace. During his weigh-in, Busey rambled incoherently about how he was beginning to realize that he had spent his life not giving adequate thought to other people’s feelings, due to, among other things, his “overwhelmation of arrogance.” (He has extra time for introspection and inventing new words, because he’s already at his goal weight.)

We then saw a clip of an earlier conversation in which Busey addressed Wendy, her hair full of rollers, apologizing for being so mean. They hugged. Wendy told him he was a good person. He called her “darlin’.” Thus were the great Snapple-Busey Wars averted before anyone else got hurt. These are the things you have cable for.

Linda Holmes is a writer in Bloomington, Minn.