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Gary Busey reenacts Meat Loaf's 'Apprentice' meltdown

If the original Meat Loaf meltdown wasn’t enough to keep “Celebrity Apprentice” fans entertained, and the laughs from the spot-on Yosemite Sam spoof have passed, there’s still one more chance to enjoy the most outrageous outburst the boardroom bash has ever seen.

The man on the receiving end of Meat Loaf's ire, Gary Busey, reenacted the experience for “Tonight Show” viewers.

After putting on a spot-on performance, complete with abbreviated versions of all the rants and raves, Busey took a serious turn and explained how it was possible that he was the cool-headed voice of reason during the heated confrontation.

“I found out that my journey in life is self-discovery of who I truthfully am,” Busey told host Jay Leno. “And I found out the reason I was difficult for so many years was because I was being difficult with myself. And I didn’t have the range of emotions and to understand other people have feelings, too. Now I really consider other people’s feelings first, and it’s fun to me.”

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