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Garth Brooks opens up on injuring his hand in farm accident

The country music star's left hand is going to be black and blue for a while, but he says he's "really, really lucky" a mishap with a chop saw on his farm wasn't worse.
/ Source: TODAY

Garth Brooks is happy to have all the fingers on his left hand intact after a recent accident on his farm.

Brooks and wife Trisha Yearwood spoke on "The Bobby Bones Show" on Friday about an accident in early October that led him to postpone a Facebook Live preview of his new album until later in the month.

Garth Brooks is thankful he didn't lose any fingers on his left hand after a close call with a chop saw on his farm recently.Jesse Grant / Getty Images

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"I was loading the chop saw, grabbing the back end of it," Brooks said.

“The damn thing collapsed on me. When I felt it, I didn’t want to see it, so I took my right hand and just kind of felt my left hand to make sure all my parts were there. I got lucky, everybody’s been so sweet to ask. It’s going to be black and blue for a while, but I got really, really lucky."

Brooks wore a work glove on his left hand in a video he tweeted on Oct. 21 in which he says he is postponing the Facebook Live event in hopes that he can play the guitar by that point. Yearwood joked, "If not, I'll have to learn the chords."

Brooks told's Katie Neal on Oct. 29 that his fingers are "gonna be sore for a while" and that he may lose the fingernail on his left ring finger.

"But everything’s great," he said. "We got to play guitar for the first time last night.”

"He was building a deck,” Yearwood told Neal. “He was putting his tools away and something went awry and he was very lucky."

Mishaps on the farm are apparently part of life for the pair.

"This is not the first time," Yearwood told Bobby Bones on his show. "It’s (just) the only one that everybody knows about.

"The last time he had like blood over his eyebrow. I'm like, 'What happened?' And he's like, 'I don't know, I'm fine, I did this a few hours ago, I'm sure it's fine.' He really needed a stitch, but he didn't get one. He’s careful, but stuff happens on the farm, so I’m always happy when he comes back with all his limbs.”

Brooks will release "Fun," his 12th studio album, on Nov. 20. It features him and Yearwood performing "Shallow," the smash hit by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, a song the two played to the delight of fans during a Facebook Live performance in March.