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‘Garden’ blooms via Braff’s blog

‘Scrubs’ star promoting movie with his online diary.
/ Source: Hollywood Reporter

Zach Braff’s “Garden State,” currently in its second weekend of limited release, explores relationships and communication — or the lack thereof — in the lives of twentysomethings.

So it’s appropriate that besides writing, directing and starring in the movie, Braff also has been disseminating news using that generation’s archetypical medium of blogging.

His early diary entries (at were personal comments on the process of making the film. It soon evolved into a genuine blog, often posted from his BlackBerry hand-held device, with links to multimedia and other sites enhancing his entertaining remarks about everything from his favorite music to needing a new shirt for a talk show appearance. He also chats about filming new episodes of NBC’s “Scrubs,” on which he plays J.D.

Most recently, Braff posted “The Pat Crafty Chronicles,” video vignettes in which the “Garden State” set’s eccentric caterer dispenses words of wisdom.

Braff conveys an endearing sense of feeling blessed to have a Hollywood career and being slightly amazed that so many people are interested in “Garden State.”

The Fox Searchlight release, which almost $1 million in the bank so far, expands nationally Aug. 20.