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'Game of Thrones' star and fans left in tears after Red Wedding

Roose Bolton (Michael McElhatton) betrays King of the North, Robb (Richard Madden).

Tears at a wedding are not unusual, but the sobs at the nuptials of Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey on Sunday's "Game of Thrones" were far from happy as Lord Frey exacted his revenge by killing the Starks and Tullys at the celebration.

The stunning scene had a strong impact on Richard Madden, the man behind the now deceased King in the North, Robb Stark. "I cried the whole way" home, the actor told AccessHollywood.com of his reaction after finishing shooting his death scene.

He wasn't the only cast member upset after the Red Wedding. "I've never been that emotionally exhausted before -- ever," Michelle Fairley, who plays Catelyn Stark, told AH.

The stars weren't the only ones who reacted strongly to the death-filled episode. Fans of the show -- including those who had read the novels and were expecting the bloody onslaught -- were stunned by how the scene played out.

"I was so shocked," wrote reader Pamela Frank Huckabee on our Facebook page. "I sat here with my mouth open while the credits rolled. I couldn't say anything so posted HOLY CRAP on my Facebook page. Wow, I may not sleep a wink tonight."

"I'm totally traumatized after watching the episode. I didn't read the books yet so this took me by surprise," wrote Sumi Moon. "Game of thrones is insanely awesome and Michelle Fairley's acting in this episode was just perfect. This is the second time this series make me cry like a baby, the first one was when Eddard died."

"I'm still reeling from the utter surprise and violence of it all," wrote Katy Richard. "Talisa's demise most shocking of all. All I could do was scream and cry out in horror. There is no central conflict now! The repulsive Lannisters have won. A most depressing reality."

Catelynn Stark (Michelle Fairley) is devastated as son Robb is killed before her eyes on "Game of Thrones."

"Honestly I think they took it too far. His wife isn't pregnant or at the red wedding in the book. I read the books and I wasn't prepared for the brutality of it. It was the most brutal thing I ever saw on a TV show," wrote Michael Poretti.

Some were so upset by the turn of events on "Game of Thrones" they took to HBO's website to complain:

"I have never seen anything as vile, disheartening, hurtful, and revelous in the bloodshed of heroes as this episode," wrote David on HBO.com. "Yeah, winter is coming HBO ... to your ratings."

"So - when you eliminate just about every character that I care about, then continue to kill anyone with any sense of moral compass with such vengeance so as to punish them for even thinking that principles mattered, allow the wretched and evil to win over and over again and gain more power, and basically remove any and all hope of anything good ever happening (because how can I enjoy a show when every character I liked is now dead,) why is it exactly that I should continue watching?" wrote Tony.

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