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'Game of Thrones' recap spoofs three seasons of confusing series

Catching up on three seasons of "Game of Thrones" in under three minutes is all the more bearable thanks to the deftly mangled story lines and character names in a new College Humor video recap.

With season four of the HBO series set to start on Sunday, it's a good time to refresh yourself on all the happenings in West Eros, across the Narrow Sea from East Eros. Remember?

  • The story begins with Ed Sterk killing the Mad King Robert Baratheon and claiming the Chair of Blades.
  • Jimmy Lannister is caught by a devious spy while making love to his girlfriend in a tower.
  • Dannytanner, the Dragonborn, must decide whether to marry Kal Dragon, the seductive dancer. She later saves three baby dragons from a mill fire.
  • War breaks out between the six houses when no one can decide who gets to marry Jeffrey the Good King. Everybody loves Jeffrey.
  • Ten-year-old Tyrion Lannister is bestowed with the hand of the king, which gives him the right to marry Jeffrey.

The video also mixes characters from other shows with the stars who play them on "Thrones." Iain Glen, who is Daenerys' trusted adviser Jorah on the show, is introduced as Sir Richard Carlisle, a character he played on "Downton Abbey." Aiden Gillen, who is Lord Baelish on "Thrones," is called Mayor Carcetti in the video, which was his character on HBO's "The Wire." Val Kilmer's Madmartigan from "Willow" even makes an appearance.

Narrated by College Humor writer Adam Conover, the video is a fast-paced romp through what is normally a difficult show to keep up with thanks to dozens of characters and settings. The levity is a welcome departure if you're still reeling from the Red Wedding.

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