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'Game of Groans': Tyrion and Sansa, and more bad TV marriages

Helen Sloan / Today
Can you feel the wedded bliss? Neither Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) nor Sansa (Sophie Turner) are exactly excited to be married to each other.

"You married who?!?!?" The refrain is often heard when a beloved family member marries someone who is ... not exactly the perfect match.

Fans of "Game of Thrones" who hadn't read the novels probably felt the same way when last week's sudden betrothal turned into a legally binding union Sunday night as Sansa Stark and Tyrion Lannister tied the knot. (When papa lion Tywin Lannister wants something, he gets it!) After all, there couldn't be a more mismatched pair.

And that got us thinking: The beauty and the beloved imp certainly aren't the only married couple who don't fit together all that well. (At least they have the excuse that it was an arranged marriage.) Here are a few others who probably shouldn't have tied the knot:

Don and anyone on 'Mad Men'
None of Don's (so far) three wives on the show have had an exactly wonderful marriage with the handsome ad man. First wife Anna was actually married to the real Don Draper, who died in the Korean War and had his identity stolen by the guy viewers now know and love as Don. As for second and third wives Betty and Megan, Don just couldn't be faithful to or honest with either.

Bates and Vera on 'Downton Abbey'
Oh, what a miserable marriage! When Bates tried to divorce Vera and marry Anna, the jilted ex (if you can call her that; they had been separated for years, after all) went to extreme lengths to keep the lovers from their happily ever after. First, she took all of his money, then blackmailed him. When none of that worked, she committed suicide and pinned her "murder" on him. (Honorable mention: Susan and Shrimpy, who don't yet have death to separate them.)

Alex and Izzie on 'Grey's Anatomy'
After ghost sex with Dead Denny and BFF sex with George, it seemed like Alex Karev would be a good match for Izzie. Both young doctors had overcome great obstacles in their pasts to succeed in their fields, and with Alex's inherent attraction to the slightly unstable and his need to take care of those he loves, it seemed like the pair could work. That is, until Izzie gets fired, blames Alex, leaves him and sticks him with her ginormous hospital bill from her cancer treatments. Nice.

Rick and Lori on 'The Walking Dead'
All was good with this couple ... until zombies took over the planet. She hooked up with his BFF, Shane, while Rick lay in a coma in a hospital (granted, they thought he was dead). But that was far from the worst of it. After her husband defied all odds and reunited with her and son Carl, she manipulated both Shane and Rick, which eventually led Rick to kill Shane after being provoked. Then she gets upset with him for killing the guy, whom she wanted dead anyway! As if that weren't enough, after her death, poor, exhausted, grieving Rick was tortured by visions of his dearly beloved.

President Fitz and Mellie on 'Scandal'
Oof. What a tough marriage to be in. First lady Mellie gave up her own career as a lawyer so hubby Fitz could pursue politics. And how does he repay her? By having an affair and falling in love with crisis manager Olivia. Not that Mellie made things easy for Fitz in season two by doing whatever she could to maintain her status as first lady, despite the president's admission that he wants a divorce.

Which married TV couples do you think need to split? Tell us in the comments!