Gabby Douglas and other Team USA Olympians sing Queen's 'We Are the Champions'

/ Source: TODAY

With over 100 medals won in Rio — and counting — it's clear Team USA can swim, run, jump and flip like no other. But how do our Olympians stack up when it comes to belting out the ultimate victor's anthem?

Well ...

"I have to sing it?" a not-so-sure looking Gabby Douglas asks as she and a few fellow Team USA greats prepare to take on Queen's "We Are the Champions" in a clip for W magazine. Swimmer Elizabeth Beisel appears equally daunted, double checking, "You don't want me to sing it, right?"

After watching these powerhouse athletes perform with confidence throughout the games, their fear in the face of a power ballad is a rare relatable moment for those us who can't quite match their other skills.

As for the song — what they lack in singing in key, they more than make up for in enthusiasm.

Team USA sings We Are the ChampionsW Magazine / YouTube

We'd still give 'em a gold — for heart!

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