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'Fuller House' cast continues to be adorable — see their on-set cuddle sesh!

It's not all birthday parties and dance breaks. There's snuggling too.
/ Source: TODAY

Just in case you thought life on the set of "Fuller House" was all birthday parties and dance breaks... it's not.

It also includes a lot of snuggling.

(Tough job, we know. But somebody's got to do it.)

Uncle Jesse — er, John Stamos — posted this adorable photo to Twitter Friday, featuring a serious cuddle sesh with co-stars Dave Coulier and Elias Harger.

The three grabbed a "power nappy" in a twin bed on set, which seems like the ideal spot for three gentlemen to hang out.

And while we're all a little jealous not to be included... we're more jealous of Coulier's sweet Tweety Bird pajamas.

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Seriously, "Fuller House" costume department. Tell us where you got those.

Harger, who plays D.J. Tanner's son Max Fuller, gave us another glimpse behind the scenes with a glamour shot of him getting his hair and makeup done...

...while his costars ham it up behind him. I mean, really. How fun does this crew look?

So, to address the question on all of our do we get on this show? Or at least get some Tweety Bird pajamas?

Standing by for answers.