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'Frozen' meets 'Thriller,' and characters 'Let It Go' in hilarious zombie dance

Queen Elsa of Arendelle meets the King of Pop in a completely nonsensical, but somehow riveting mashup of Disney's hit "Frozen" and Michael Jackson's 1983 blockbuster video for "Thriller."

Princess Anna, Kristoff and creepy Prince Hans of the Southern Isles join ice-powered Elsa to get their '80s on in the video, which uses a freeware program called MikuMikuDance to start the Arendelle contingent boogieing down, or whatever we called it in the '80s. Probably just "dancing."

It's nice to see Elsa actually getting her groove on. As fans will recall, in the movie, poor Elsa has to refuse to dance with anyone even at her own coronation, because if she so much as touched them minus her beloved gloves, they'd feel the full brunt of her glacier-making powers. Ice, ice, baby.

Elsa takes the Jackson role of course, because she is the boss. And really, we could've replaced ol' two-faced Hans with somebody else, like Olaf the snowman or Oaken the sauna-store meister or even the Duke of Weaseltown ("Weselton," we know). After all, he himself brags that he dances like a "chicken with the face of a monkey."

YouTube user NostalgicFanGirl posted the video, and seems to be delighted that it's spreading. "This is out of my hands now," she wrote in the video's comments. "So the only thing I can say is: KEEP GOING!"

Do you want to be a zombie? It doesn't have to be a zombie! OK, bye!

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