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'Friends' reunion finally happens! Aniston, Cox and Kudrow get in character on 'Kimmel'

"Friends" fans have waited to see the "Central Perk"-loving gang get back together ever since the farewell episode of the hit show aired 10 years ago. Unfortunately, time and time again, the show's former stars have shot down the idea. But on Wednesday night, it finally happened.

Sort of.

Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel, an awkward bit of faux fan-fiction, an exact replica of Monica and Rachel's apartment and a few willing participants, the ("Friends") stars aligned on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."



Kimmel took on the role of Ross while guest Jennifer Aniston reluctantly reprised Rachel. She did not, however, don the Rachel wig. ("I'm not doing that. ... I've got boundaries, Jimmy.")

After a few lines about Rachel "making love" with Ross — and before a few more about everyone else doing the same with Ross — Courteney Cox stopped by to bring Monica back, quickly followed by Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe. 

But if viewers were hoping to see a couple of other classic characters enter the all-too-familiar set — namely Joey and Chandler — well, their hopes were soon dashed.

In Kimmel's story, the guys didn't fare too well since we last left them on "Friends."

"They're dead," Kimmel said straight-faced. "Marcel the monkey bit them and gave them monkey rabies."

Well, there's two "Friends" who won't be there for you! 

Be sure to watch the clips for a full dose of reunion fun.

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