Friends pressure Biel to get married, have kids

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/ Source: Access Hollywood

She’s been the not-so-secret girlfriend of pop star Justin Timberlake for over a year now, but could Jessica Biel end up the mother of his children?

In a new interview with Britain’s Marie Claire, the actress said she isn’t sure yet.

“I kind of go back and forth about marriage and kids,” the 26-year-old told the magazine’s December issue. “I feel like, if it’s an organic way for me and the right time in my life, then, yeah. If it’s right, it’ll be right — but, at this moment, that seems completely foreign.”

Though she may not be ready now, that hasn’t stopped the former “7th Heaven” star’s circle from putting pressure on her.

“I tell you, I have so many friends having babies and getting married, and they just want to put me where they are so we can go to nursery together and stuff,” Biel admitted. “I’m like, ‘Noooooo!’ I’m resisting.”

Next month, Biel will star alongside Colin Firth, Ben Barnes and Kristin Scott Thomas in “Easy Virtue,” a movie based on a Noel Coward play, which opens Nov. 7. The movie finds Biel playing Larita Huntington, an American woman who marries a British man, John Whittaker (Barnes). After bringing her home to meet the parents, the couple’s relationship comes under intense scrutiny from John’s mother, Veronica (Scott Thomas).

It’s a subject Biel knows all to well, though in real life her relationship scrutiny comes from the paparazzi.

“It’s hard,” she told the mag. “It’s the hardest part of this whole wonderful, bizarre lifestyle and profession. You have to be Zen about it, because it can make you crazy. There are times when I’ve been followed by men with giant cameras in giant SUVs all day long. It scares the crap out of me and I literally come home and emotionally erupt and cry it out and sit on the floor and think, ‘Do I really want this?’”

One criticism she’s managed to avoid in the media is over her weight. She’s regularly praised for her figure, but admitted to Marie Claire, it doesn’t come easy.

“It’s so hard for months on end to maintain a strict diet and exercise program,” she said.

But if pounding the treadmill or jogging with her dogs doesn’t work, don’t expect Biel to take off weight or the years via plastic surgery.

“I am really afraid of blades on my face,” she said. “That freaks me out beyond belief. I would way rather have wrinkles than have some slice-up going on.”