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'Friends' fan spots blooper in scene with Ross and his parents

What the heck happened to Jack Geller?
/ Source: TODAY

Ross Geller's dad was always there for him on "Friends" — except for that one scene when he wasn't.

An eagle-eyed TikTok user named @bronniiieee spotted a doozy of blooper in a scene where Ross, played by David Schwimmer, and Rachel, played by Jennifer Aniston, are celebrating with Ross' parents, Jack and Judy Geller — played by veteran actors Elliott Gould and Christina Pickles — at their 35th anniversary party.

The season eight episode, titled "The One in Massapequa," originally aired in 2002, so it's wacky that viewers are only just now noticing the glitch.

Where did Jack Geller go? A TikTok user noticed that Elliott Gould briefly disappears, with a stand-in seen in his place, in a season eight episode of "Friends."Bronniiiieee / TikTok

In the scene, Ross and Rachel are chatting with Jack and Judy, when suddenly the scene cuts and Gould disappears, and a different actor stands in Jack's place. Even stranger, the actor wears glasses and looks nothing at all like Gould.

The guy wearing glasses was most likely working as Gould's stand-in, a person on a TV or film set who literally stands in place for an actor who isn't able to be there. Stand-ins are frequently used during rehearsals and during lighting and camera set-ups.

Of course, during the editing process, any trace of the stand-in should have been cut.

"In all my 'Friends'fan years, how have I never noticed this guy before?" the TikTok user asked in text across video.

Other "Friends" commented to wonder about the editing mistake. But at least one provided a pretty logical explanation for it.

"It's because episodes were originally shot to be displayed with a different format. So that side of the screen wouldn't show before being adapted," wrote a TikTok user named @clelieon.

Luckily, the scene's weirdness lasts for just a split second. After that, Gould is back playing Jack Geller as only he can.

Gould opened up TODAY in 2019 about how much attention he still gets for playing Ross and Monica's (Courteney Cox) dad.

"I was in Ireland and really young people were running after me. I had no idea that people would remember or be able to accept me or respond to me as being this character, the father of Monica and Ross. So, that's pretty great," he said.

Some fans who approach Gould are pretty famous themselves.

"Taylor Swift introduced herself to me at the 40th anniversary of 'Saturday Night Live' ... She said 'I know you. I'm a "Friends" freak. You're Mr. Geller!"