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Friday Night Lights Will Live On...if Cougar Town Boss Gets His Way!

Zach Gilford, you are a wanted man. (And not just in the "we-love-you-Matt-Saracen-please-marry-us" kinda way.)
/ Source: E!online

Zach Gilford, you are a wanted man. (And not just in the "we-love-you-Matt-Saracen-please-marry-us" kinda way.)

Self-proclaimed Friday Night Lights superfan and Cougar Town boss man Kevin Biegel has devised what we consider to be a brilliant plan to help ease our impending FNL separation anxiety--and it all starts with you, Gilford...

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"Um, Zach Gilford--can he come on Cougar Town somehow?" Kevin says when asked about potential guest stars. "He's the best actor I've ever seen. Did you see the episode with his dad? That was one of the best performances ever. How do we get Saracen on the show?!"

Gilford, consider yourself asked. And Biegel's man crush on Zach is just the beginning.

"I love Friday Night Lights so much, all I want to do is have half the cast on Cougar Town," Kevin gushes. "I'd love to have Connie Britton on. OK, I'll just say this: If anyone on Friday Night Lights is available, we'll put them on the show!"

Kevin's already got a head start on his FNL dreams--Lamarcus Tinker is a Cougar Town castmember now, remember?

"I was such a nerd when Lamarcus Tinker came on set," Kevin recalls. "He's been great and he's in the world of the show now. In fact, he's got a really sweet story in the Thanksgiving episode that goes along with Bobby's."

But before we get to Cougar Town's Thanksgiving fun, we'll have to make it through Jules' (Courteney Cox) Andylicious (Ian Gomez) birthday party tonight--and it sounds pretty great.

"Every other character has a direct connection to Jules, except for me," Ian tells us. "I'm just the husband of the best friend, and it comes out that Jules doesn't really consider me a friend." Blasphemy! Andy-Jules moments are our faves each week.

Anyway, "Andy makes an effort to show her that we really are friends," says Ian. "It's her birthday and I want to take her out and go dancing, and she's not having any of it."

So what kind of dancer is Andy? Teases Ian: "You are going to see some slightly naughty dancing from Andy. We boogie down, as the old people say. It was terrifying because when I heard we were going to do dancing, I thought 'Oh no!' In order to make it believable, you have to really dance, and to watch yourself can be a horrible thing. You think you look cool, and if you don't, that's a huge blow to the ego. But I have to thank the editors because I saw a brief clip of it and I didn't run and hide."

Don't miss Cougar Town tonight at 9:30 p.m. on ABC, and show your support for your favorite Friday Night Lighters joining the hit show in the comments below.

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