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Fresh-from-rehab teen dad wants visitation on 'Teen Mom 3'

It looked like MTV was about to air another instance of domestic violence last Monday when Matt McCann appeared to nearly get physical with the mother of his child, Alex Sekella, as he screamed at her to hit him while he was in her face. (She literally turned the other cheek.) 

Her mom was fortunately there to help diffuse the situation and kick him out of their home, and it looks like in this week's new episode, the two young parents are going to try to learn to control their tempers around each other for baby Arabella.

In a clip that MTV is sharing exclusively with TODAY, Matt and Alex meet up at a park to talk things over after their big fight. 

"I just think that we gotta be peaceful with each other. We can't be arguing up around her," he says, adding that he wants to be able to see their baby.

While Alex agrees that he should see Arabella, she has concerns about the safety of their child when the little girl is with her daddy. And for good reason. As her 2012 episode of "16 & Pregnant" revealed, Matt has a history of drug abuse, and in the "Teen Mom 3" premiere, he was just getting out of rehab. 

"I think you still have problems and need to get more help," Alex tells him in the clip as Matt exhibits what looks to be the same drowsy appearance he had while high on "16 & Pregnant." 

It seems the young mom noticed the same thing. In a teaser that aired on MTV, Alex tells Matt during the same conversation in the park, "It looks like you're on something!" And as the majority of their conversations go, it devolves from there.

Will Alex and Matt work out a visitation arrangement? Watch "Teen Mom 3" when it airs Monday at 10 p.m. on MTV.