Frank Sinatra's widow calls Ronan Farrow story 'a bunch of junk'

Barbara Sinatra and Ronan Farrow.
Barbara Sinatra and Ronan Farrow.Getty Images file

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By Randee Dawn

The uproar that surfaced Wednesday about the paternity of Mia Farrow's son Ronan — namely that his father is Farrow's ex, Frank Sinatra, and not her former longtime partner Woody Allen — has been called "a phony deal" by Sinatra's widow Barbara Sinatra.

Barbara Sinatra spoke to The Desert Sun after the emergence of the rumors, which were connected with a new Vanity Fair profile of Mia Farrow. Writer Maureen Orth spoke to the actress and eight of her children for the story, and visited TODAY on Wednesday to discuss her article.

She told TODAY, "I asked (Mia Farrow) point blank, and I said, 'Is Ronan Frank Sinatra's son?' and she said, 'Possibly.'" 

Sinatra, 85, told The Sun that she was unaware of the reports until the publication asked about them. Her response: "I can't hardly believe that. It's just a bunch of junk. There's always junk written — lies that aren't true."

Ronan did not comment except to tweet, "Listen, we're all *possibly* Frank Sinatra's son."

Farrow and Sinatra were married from 1966-68; Barbara Sinatra was married to Frank Sinatra from 1976 until his death in 1998.

Sinatra told The Sun that nothing had been left to Ronan Farrow in Sinatra's estate. 

A representative for Woody Allen told The Associated Press that "The article is so fictitious and extravagantly absurd that he is not going to comment."

"It sounds like a phony to me," said Sinatra.