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Fran Drescher rewears iconic look from 'The Nanny'

Before there was Carrie Bradshaw, there was Fran Fine.
The Nanny
Fran Drescher as Fran Fine in the CBS television sitcom, "The Nanny," which premiered on Nov. 3, 1993. This photo is dated 1997.CBS via Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

If you're like us, we can't stop binge-watching "The Nanny," which came to streaming via HBO Max for the first time ever this year. One thing is utterly deniable from watching a few episodes of the beloved CBS sitcom: the fashion of Fran Fine was iconic.

Well, the actor who portrayed her for six seasons is revisiting one of her bold looks, and we're so excited that she went there.

Fran Drescher donned a rainbow vest that Fine wore on the series, that according show's costume designer Brenda Cooper was designed by Moschino.

Fans of "The Nanny" were quick to spot the look.

One person wrote, "Is it the vest from the Nanny?? 😍"

Another added, "Ms. Fine is that you! ❤️❤️😍❤️❤️"

Drescher was known to wear bright colors and bold patterns on the series, often designed by stylish luminaries including Todd Oldham, Thierry Mugler and of course Moschino, according to the Huffington Post, which profiled Cooper back in 2018.

The Nanny
Fran Drescher and Charles Shaugnessy from "The Nanny."CBS via Getty Images

“Everything was like, ‘How far can I push this without tipping it over the edge?’” Cooper told the outlet of her approach. She added, “Clothing is incredibly important, and I think sometimes in the industry it’s not treated with the importance it deserves. I wanted to make a statement. I wanted to show that wardrobe plays an important role in the story.”

While many fans might agree that the outfits of Fran Fine should be in a museum, the truth is somewhat disappointing.

“When a show completes, all of the wardrobe goes into a central department at the studios,” Cooper told Hello Giggles in 2018. “It’s like a graveyard of all of these clothes. I went to track down the wardrobe which was at Sony, and it had just been sold to a thrift store in the Valley. I called the thrift store and I begged them; I told them I was the designer of 'The Nanny' and they wouldn’t help me. People today have pieces of clothing in their wardrobe that are the original 'Nanny' wardrobe and probably don’t know that.”

Earlier this year, TODAY interviewed Drescher on the resurgence of the show’s popularity after its debut on HBO Max.

“First of all, I’m grateful,” the 63-year-old actor and philanthropist told TODAY. “Because it's a miracle. Everything about it was meant to be. I was meant to become famous only so I could do all the other things that I do and be able to have a platform to do them on.”

She later added, “I really always feel like if you don't apply your fame towards the greater good, then you're really wasting it. Stuff happens, and if you can turn it into a positive, pain into a purpose, whether it’s obvious things that needs to be defended like civil liberties or you become an advocate for health, it just helps make sense out of the senseless and just deepens your life experience, really.

"I think that is what life is all about.”